Teaching Kids to Accept Bad Holiday Gifts Is Pretty Funny (PHOTOS)


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I'm still recovering from the holiday break. It is hard to get back into the swing of things after you've slacked off for so long. 

Really? I'm expected to put clothes on my kids again? Can't January be a pajama month too?


So before I jump into completely other random things I thought it would be weird if I didn't say something about our little holiday break. So I will say something…

We gave Crappy Boy a particular gift and he really didn't like it:

We already know he suffers from appreciation deficiency. But this was something else. This was him suffering from honesty.  

Turns out, pretending you like a terrible gift and saying "thank you" doesn't come naturally.

Fortunately, this happened at home. I still had time to encourage proper manners before we saw our extended family. 

I had a lot of teaching to do. I taught him that some kids don't have toys and he should be happy with what he has. I taught him that it is the thought that counts. I taught him about hurting feelings of other people. 

I also briefly mentioned something about returning and exchanging items. 

Then we left to be with family. His new knowledge would be put to the test. I was feeling very confident as a teacher. 

At first, I thought he was going to ace the whole exam.

He said thanks when I could tell he didn't like it.

But then something went wrong.

And this time? It was the teacher's fault. Oops.

Despite being embarrassing, it was also funny. Because embarrassing things are always funny. The gift-giver just laughed and said the gift-receipt was in the bag. Isn't it great when people are cool like that?  

Anyway, I was still concerned for Crappy Boy's apparent lack of skill in appreciating gifts and accepting them gracefully. Crappy Papa & I talked about it. Do we spoil him? Does he have an unhealthy sense of entitlement? Do we remember being like this when we were five?

Turns out, we were. I remember being upset over receiving the wrong kind of big girl underwear (I wanted The Smurfs but got something stupid, yes, I'm still bitter!) and Crappy Papa told me that he cried with tears over some lacing toy thing because he hated it so much. 

So we decided to cut him some slack. We were expecting way too much.    

The next day he received a card in the mail with cash in it. 

And he surprised us when we were least expecting it. 

Isn't that great when kids are cool like that? 

Do you have a crappy gift story?

Image via shorts and longs/Flickr

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Liked this, especially after the "I trash my child's presents" a week or two ago

bills... billsfan1104

I agree with Prima. 

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

Also agree with Prima. Who would think of trashing gifts instead of maybe giving them to people in need?

nonmember avatar wktwong

Crappy gifts= regifting or donations.

Works for both baby and mommy gifts. As much as I dislike an item, I'd rather regift or donate than to trash it.

Zamaria Zamaria

My kids are actually really good about this, even my give year old. He does get this hilarious look on his face, a smile with a bit of panic behind it, trying to make sure he doesn't let anyone know he doesn't like the gift. It's funny. We always give each kid at least one gag gift. It's funny to watch them try to figure out if it's a real gift or not. They have learned to just say thank you and pretend that they like it. My two year old hasn't quite mastered that yet. Thankfully, he liked everything he got and didn't hurt anyone's feelings this year at Grandma's house! Lol

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