Military Mom's Tearjerking Christmas Reunion With Her Sons Makes for Best NBA Halftime Show Ever (VIDEO)

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I don't cry easily over YouTube videos, but there's one particular type of clip that gets me every single time. I am of course talking about the military reunion videos, which I find impossible to watch without bursting into tears. At this point I feel like I've cried my way through nearly every sort of wonderful homecoming that's been filmed -- kids with their fathers, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, babies meeting a parent for the first time, loyal dogs with their owners -- but the clip I'm about to share with you is just a little bit different.

Different, but no less weep-worthy. In this video, two young Jazz fans get an amazing surprise during a game when they're reunited with their mom, who's been serving in Afghanistan since April. You have to see the moment when they realize what's happening -- but take it from me, you'll want to have some tissues handy.

During a break in the game, two young boys were blindfolded, thinking they were taking part in a promotional contest. The crowd was told to cheer the boys on as they got closer to their reward, which turned out to be ... their mom, a petty officer in the Navy who's been serving an eight-month tour in Afghanistan.

Here's the video:

You know, I was actually sort of doing okay until the 1:33 mark, when I saw the older boy weeping. Cripes, pass the Kleenex.

As the mom of two boys, I can't imagine what she must have been feeling when she finally got to put her arms around her kids again. What a fantastic homecoming, and it must have been a powerful sight for the crowd -- she and her boys were eventually joined by other family members, and the fans gave everyone a standing ovation.

Best Christmas surprise ever? Best Christmas surprise ever.

Are you a fan of military reunions being filmed, or do you think they should be more private?

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