I'm Turning My Kid Into a Germaphobe

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washing handsOk, confession time. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a huge germaphobe -- to the point where I can probably be considered as having borderline OCD, that's how much germs freak me out.

I'm addicted to hand sanitizer. I literally cringe when someone coughs or sneezes. And the mere thought of sitting down on a public toilet seat without covering it in layers of toilet paper makes me hyperventilate a little.

But I'm starting to think I need to take a major chill pill, because unfortunately, my insane germaphobia is starting to rub off on my 6-year-old son -- and I really don't want him to wind up like me.

Think I'm exaggerating? Here are seven ways I'm turning my son into a total germaphobe.

  1. When commercials for Chuck E. Cheese's come on the TV, he immediately yells, "Germ-fest!" (We've never been there, and we're never going.)
  2. As soon as he gets home from school and comes in the house, he instinctively heads to the bathroom to wash his hands.
  3. When we go to other people's homes, he ALWAYS kicks his shoes off before walking through the door, because I have a strict "no shoes in the house" policy. (But who doesn't?)
  4. The other day, my mom went to hand him a $5 bill for getting a good report card. Before accepting it from her, he grabbed a napkin so he wouldn't have to actually touch it.
  5. At restaurants, he also uses a napkin to grab the ketchup bottle. (You never know where people's hands have been!)
  6. He also stretches his hands out to be sprayed down with sanitizer the minute the menus are taken away after we order. (Again, you never know who has touched them.)
  7. Upon entering the grocery store, he walks over to where the cart wipes are to grab one before I do.

Yep. I'm creating a mini-OCD-me. For sure. (Sorry, little dude.)

Have any of your bad habits rubbed off on your kids?


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nonmember avatar Brittany

It's actually a good thing for kids to be exposed to germs when they're young! It builds up their immunity and they don't get sick!! My mom is big into horses, so I grew up being around the barn, playing in dirt and putting God knows what in my mouth. And now? I NEVER get sick. I'm raising my kid the same way, and I'm hoping he gets the same kind of immunity I have!

gridi... gridironsmom

#2,3,7 are just common sense good to do. The others may be a little over the top.

Coles... Coles_mom

Horses/dirt germs are different than people germs. Dirt doesn't bother me in the least...but touching a menu at a restaurant has 500 other people's spit, fecal matter, and snot on it. A horse isn't going to give me a deadly flu. That menu might. Mary, you sound identical to me and I have a 6 year old son also. I was at his school Christmas party this morning and two I'd the kids (not mine!) we're coughing up a lung and I just say there with my sanitizer and giving their horrible parents the stink eye!!!!

Coles... Coles_mom

*excuse the typos- I'm on my not-so-smart-phone

fave82 fave82

Holy f.

three... threeforme157

I feel bad for your son.  Maybe you should seek counseling to work thru your paranoia.  Germs are good for your immunity.  Hand sanitizer is bad, that has been proven.  All you need to do is wash your hands occasionally during the day and you are fine.  Flus and colds are not going to kill you if you are relatively healthy.  

three... threeforme157

Coles mom- you sound like a lovely person.  Those kids in your son's class might just have an asthma cough, nothing contagious.  

notan... notanazgirl

I'm OCD about cleanliness, but my kid isn't.  She is actually helping me by having a carefree attitude about it,  and neither her or I are ever sick!  I do think that wiping down the menus is a little extreme though.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Oh gosh, this made me laugh! Btw- I see nothing wrong with #1. We have never and will never go to chuck e cheese either. A friend of mine's son got hand, foot and mouth disease from that place! I try to be as clean as possible within reason. I like to think of myself as not as clean as some but definately cleaner than others. Lol!

Jamie Wicker

Hand sanitizer is awful and part of the reason for all these crazy drug resistant bugs. I think you need mental help.

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