Sandy Hook Mom Had Vision of Son & We Should All Listen to What He Said

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The mother of one of the little Sandy Hook victims, Chase Kowalski, has shared a moving story with the world. At Chase's funeral service, which was on Wednesday, Chase's grieving mother, Becky, told a Daily News reporter how the day she found out her 7-year-old boy was dead was the worst of her life. But then, she continued, two days later, she had the best day of her life. That's because little Chase came to her in a "vision." And what he had to say should make us all listen.

Becky Kowalski says that on the Sunday after she learned that her son was one of the ones who perished in the massacre at his elementary school, her son came to her in a vision and that it was the best day of her life. She also says, "My sadness left me and I have been strong ever since."

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Chase came to her, says Becky, and told her that the "scope of this event was so large and that there were so many people around the country and the world we were touching." She felt that Chase also came to give her the message that the Chase Kowalski foundation she would start would "save lives, change building codes, demand gun and ammunition control, and that in Chase’s name I would like to bring God back to America."

Whether or not you agree with Becky's foundation's goal, the idea that her son came back to her in a vision is profoundly moving, and the fact that it gave her peace and happiness in this horrific time is quite wonderful. Becky is doing what is necessary to do when profound tragedy hits you, as unfortunately, it will for many of us in this life. She is trying to find something good in it. It's really the only way to ever begin to heal.

And the fact that Becky was able to get closure by seeing her son again in a vision is wonderful. Her husband feels it now too. He says:

I believe my son did visit his mom. I have never before seen a look on Becky’s face like that morning. I believe now that things like that can happen. I was amazed at the peace and strength Becky received from that vision. She’s transferred it to me. I’m at peace now, too.

Hopefully Chase will come to her many more times in this life, but even if he doesn't, his presence will be felt in the foundation and the goals that Becky and her husband will work towards in Chase's name. These little children were taken out of this world so brutally and so soon that the only way we can truly honor them is to try and make the world a better place in their name.

Have you ever had a vision?


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nonmember avatar Samantha

Good for the parents for feeling better... But really? A 5 or 6 yr old told his mom those exact words? Yeah.... Not so much. Nut jobs like that are part of why the world has such chaos. Its good that theyre trying to make life better for others, but i dont believe their story for a second.

Irela... Ireland69

What a great gift from God for giving her a beautiful son and her son looking after his mother.   I believe her and if it's not true she's still doing something good. 

kelti... kelticmom

Samantha, why be so ugly? And it's not like the soul stays the same age as the body when you die. If she believes she saw him and it gives her peace, I believe her.

the4m... the4mutts

if this were just her getting peace from a "vision", so be it. But she's using this story of a vision, to further an agenda and try to change America. This isn't her simply being comforted, this is her trying to use the sympathy that everyone has for the tragedy, and politicize it. Just like everyone keeps trying to blame gun supporters of doing.

Btw, a most medical drs/psychaitrists would diagnose her with having "snapped" and "hallucinating".

Do you see religious/spiritual visions? Is on the questionaire fr psych eval. They treat it with meds now-a-days.

nonmember avatar Wyatt's mom

I believe for real that this child visited his mom. After my dad died, I still have dreams of him passing messages to me. Now this child may have been 7 but he is not now 7, he is an eternal soul reaching out to his mother with a message. This was real. I totally believe this was gift.

kever... keversole

Either way, hallucination or not, I think it's an awesome story. Plus, I can't really say that if something like this happened to my son I would not totally lose my mind.

Also, I'm glad most of the people that these stories are about don't read the comments people post.

Melissa Collins Robinette


You must not be a Christian.  Any Christian who reads this story know that this mother was visited by an angel, her son.  He is not mortal anymore and he is not like other mortal 5 and 6 year olds.  He most certainly could have said these words to his grieving mother.  God is all-powerful and through Him miracles do occur.  This poor grieving mother received strength, peace and hope just when she needed it the most.  If you believe God didn't have a hand in that by using his new angel, then you aren't one of His faithful followers.  Peace be with you.

blue82 blue82

Samantha get to life!!!!! A mother who just lost her baby you call or assume shes a nut job how pathetic show a little bit sympathy you nut case. On another note I too believe her son came to her and the day you lose someone and they do come to you, you will appreciate life just a bit more

nonmember avatar Misha

My mother came to me in a "vision" about 2 months after died. I was sitting with my DS who is hospitalized with RSV. We were rocking and relaxed but I was awake. My view went dark and my mom walked towards me, dressed as she usually did, put her hands on my upper arms, squeezed and said "I am so proud of you". Then everything snapped back to the hear and now. It was a surreal but wonderful experience. So, yes I fully believe its possible this boy's spirit showed itself to his mother. Bless his little soul.

Bryce... Brycesmommy21

When my Grandmother passed away a few years ago my young cousin was in a Juvenile center. She passed away on a Friday night and my cousin had no clue. That following Sunday my Aunt went to the center to inform my cousin of her passing. She said when she got there she was trying to find the words to tell him about her passing but my cousin was in a very positive mood and she didn't know why. When she mentioned to him how happy he was he said that yes he was happy. He said he is going to get out of there and start his life over. She said how happy she was to hear it but why all of a sudden. He said Mom it was so weird I had a very realistic dream Friday night. He had a "dream" of my grandmother coming to his center waking him up and telling him he needs to grow up and do well and that he needs to be the man in his family and do whats right....... He had no idea of her passing and according to him she woke him up at about 2am to tell him that, she had passed a few hours prior. So yes I totally believe this mother and for that comment above from Samantha, get a damn heart...... Nut jobs? That's a low blow to a mother who had the worse thing possible happen to her beloved son!!

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