Sandy Hook Mom Had Vision of Son & We Should All Listen to What He Said

The mother of one of the little Sandy Hook victims, Chase Kowalski, has shared a moving story with the world. At Chase's funeral service, which was on Wednesday, Chase's grieving mother, Becky, told a Daily News reporter how the day she found out her 7-year-old boy was dead was the worst of her life. But then, she continued, two days later, she had the best day of her life. That's because little Chase came to her in a "vision." And what he had to say should make us all listen.


Becky Kowalski says that on the Sunday after she learned that her son was one of the ones who perished in the massacre at his elementary school, her son came to her in a vision and that it was the best day of her life. She also says, "My sadness left me and I have been strong ever since."

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Chase came to her, says Becky, and told her that the "scope of this event was so large and that there were so many people around the country and the world we were touching." She felt that Chase also came to give her the message that the Chase Kowalski foundation she would start would "save lives, change building codes, demand gun and ammunition control, and that in Chase’s name I would like to bring God back to America."

Whether or not you agree with Becky's foundation's goal, the idea that her son came back to her in a vision is profoundly moving, and the fact that it gave her peace and happiness in this horrific time is quite wonderful. Becky is doing what is necessary to do when profound tragedy hits you, as unfortunately, it will for many of us in this life. She is trying to find something good in it. It's really the only way to ever begin to heal.

And the fact that Becky was able to get closure by seeing her son again in a vision is wonderful. Her husband feels it now too. He says:

I believe my son did visit his mom. I have never before seen a look on Becky’s face like that morning. I believe now that things like that can happen. I was amazed at the peace and strength Becky received from that vision. She’s transferred it to me. I’m at peace now, too.

Hopefully Chase will come to her many more times in this life, but even if he doesn't, his presence will be felt in the foundation and the goals that Becky and her husband will work towards in Chase's name. These little children were taken out of this world so brutally and so soon that the only way we can truly honor them is to try and make the world a better place in their name.

Have you ever had a vision?


Image via David Paul Ohmer/Flickr

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