7 Best Things About Christmas With Kids (PHOTOS)

Tracey Clark | Dec 24, 2012 Being a Mom
7 Best Things About Christmas With Kids (PHOTOS)

Photo by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts

It's only when you take a look back through your photo archives that you realize how fast time flies and how much changes over the course of a year, or two, or three. With the season of Christmas upon us, it only seemed appropriate to take a little trip down holiday memory lane. I asked a few very talented mom photographers to hit their archives and share a favorite Christmas memory. In turn, what we also got are seven of the many wonderful things about celebrating Christmas with our kids.

I know for myself, the images of the holiday season can stir up all kinds of memories and magic. There is no time quite a nostalgic as Christmas.

What's your favorite thing about celebrating Christmas with kids?

  • Sweet Anticipation


    Image via Sheri Reed

    "He was so excited to stay awake for Santa Claus," recalls Sheri Reed. "Bless his then-almost-3-year-old heart, he was already starting to fall asleep during dinner on Christmas Eve."

  • Christmas Firsts


    Image via Rachael Devine

    It was the holiday full of firsts Rachael Devine recalls. “Christmas morning, 2008: It was the twins' very first Christmas and our first family Christmas in Australia. It was all I had ever hoped for and this photo of that moment was really the only photo I needed to capture every single thing I wanted to remember.

  • The Magic of Wonder


    Image via Beryl Young

    Beryl Young recalls, "Christmas 2011 was our daughter's 2nd Christmas, but the first where we truly saw the 'magic' in her eyes. Each time we lit up the tree in the evening our not yet walker would immediately prop herself against the wall to sneak and shimmy herself over to it to get a closer look."

  • That Youthful Innocence


    Image via Jen Lemen

    Jen Lemen recalls Christmas 2006. "It was the era of Santa, paper airplanes and lego monsters. He was so sweet and tender, just like he is now.”

  • Simple Wishes


    Image via Elisha Snow

    Elisha Snow remembers, "I was so excited for my son Kyler (then 18 months old) to wake up Christmas morning and discover all the presents that had been carefully picked out for him. I anticipated squeals of joy and laughter filling the house as we all sat around and methodically examined each and every gift. Instead, he took one look at the mounds of brightly-colored boxes, asked for a sippy cup of apple juice, then went back to bed. Since then, Santa has wrapped and delivered a container of juice for him each Christmas to have for his very own. Four years later, it is still his most anticipated and very favorite present."

  • Pure Joy


    Stephanie Calabrese Roberts shares this shot of her daughter and remembers, “she asked Santa for a puppy that year. Although he wasn't real, she loved him just the same.”

  • Memories in the Making


    Image via Tracey Clark

    I remember this moment so well! It was the Christmas of the long-awaited, coveted cell phone. I remember thinking how grown-up my tween seemed then, but looking back at this shot, she looks just like a baby to me. A baby with a cell phone.

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