President Obama & Spiderman Have Showdown in Oval Office & We've Got the Details! (PHOTO)

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We all need a little pick-me-up right now. No matter how you feel about President Obama, you have to admit this picture of him with a White House staffer's child dressed as Spiderman over Halloween, which the White House just sent out over Twitter and Facebook, is pretty cute. And just like a kid, he is not impressed that he's standing in the Oval Office with the most powerful man in the world. Nah, he just wants to ensnare him with his web-shooting fingers. And Obama plays along. Every time I see Obama with children, I just really feel this man's humanity. Not everyone will agree, of course. But this is one heckuva cute picture. Reminded me of that pic making the rounds awhile ago of a young Obama in his Halloween pirate costume.

So I wonder what Obama was saying to the kid? Luckily for The Stir readers, we've been granted access to this highly confidential information.

Actually, due to the sensitive nature of the classified scene between Obama and the young Spidey, the White House gave us access to transcripts of their exchange, HOWEVER, only one of the comments really happened. The others are cunningly designed to throw us off the track. So what did Obama really say to the young superhero? You decide.

Obama: "Noooo, Spiderman, don't send me off the fiscal cliff!"

Obama: "Nooo, noooo, not Fox News, anything but that!"

Obama: "Okay, okay! I'll stop picking on Kristen Stewart. Everyone makes mistakes!"

Obama: "Hey, I just met you ... and this is crazy!"

Obama: "I didn't say I was going to outlaw spiders, I just said I like dogs better!"

All right, so maybe none of the above is what Obama said. What do you think he said?

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Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

LOVE this photo. Just absolutely LOVE it.

ethan... ethans_momma06

This is such an adorable photo!

My ds adores spiderman, and I could so picture him doing the same exact thing as this little boy! I hope the family treasures this photo!

Katie Hesney Johnson

No matter what I think of the POTUS, I personally disagree with some of his views, this picture is hilarious and it just put me in a slightly better mood. 

Jenniy Jenniy

Such a cute pic! :)

BirdCo BirdCo

This is a wonderful picture. The article that comes with it however is not.

nonmember avatar AntiDelusional

"Mr. Speaker, I think you grabbed the spray rouge instead of the normal orange spray tan."

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