Giving Teachers Guns Won't Make Our Children Safer at School

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no guns signIn 2007, a school district in Harrold, Texas, made a controversial decision and allowed teachers to carry concealed weapons on school grounds to protect students against potential armed assailants.

Now, less than a week after the Sandy Hook Elementary attack that left 20 children and 6 faculty members dead, that school district's gun methods are getting a lot of attention. But arming our teachers in the classroom is not the answer.

We are all feeling vulnerable after the tragic attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's become scarier to send my daughters to school and I am seriously considering home schooling them. Like the rest of you, I am scared to death that something bad could happen to my children, and each drop off may be the last time I see them. That’s the fear that the Newtown, Connecticut, murders have put into my heart. But giving our teachers guns is not the way to go.

I don’t want guns in my kid's classroom. Teachers are not safety officers. That is what the police are for. And by allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons, we're just begging for more accidents involving guns and kids. Arming teachers with guns is not the answer.

Sure the Adam Lanza’s of the world are going to find other ways to exact evil on the world even if we take away the guns but some of those other ways are going to be harder to carry out. We need stricter gun control; more stringent rules, limitations on how many guns people can own, what kinds of guns people can buy.We need mandatory psychiatric evaluations of purchasers and restrictions put on ammunition. We need trained, armed officers on all campuses, bullet-proof doors and shatter-proof windows. We need to keep our kids safe from the monsters that prey upon the most innocent of us all. More guns is not the way to go.

Do you think giving our teachers guns would make our kids more -- or less -- safe?


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KWnav... KWnavywife

If you train and educate those teacher on proper gun safety and use, it will make our kids safer. Had any one of those teachers, or the principal at Sandy hook been armed, that kid would never have made it as far as he did.  

No one is saying throw a gun rack up on the wall in every glass room and say have at it. There would need to be training and proper safety measures taken. IMO it would be worth it if it stopped just one incident like Sandy Hook. 

Doomy234 Doomy234

I also agree with KWnavywife.

nonmember avatar guest

Airplanes have air marshalls, why can't schools have a school Marshall? I hate to say it but I know a few teachers who are bi polar & have manic depression issues & I most certainly would not want them to gave a gun.

miche... micheledo

Someone had a great blog about this issue. For teachers who want to carry a gun in class - have them evaluated, take a class, make sure they understand and want to have the responsibility of being an immediate responder if someone comes on school property with a gun - then by all means, let them carry!

There are several instances of school and public place shootings that did not turn into a massacre because a teacher/private citizen had or retrieved their gun.

nonmember avatar Catherine

I agree completely with this article.... the previous comments are just ludicrous, the American way of soving gun violence with more guns is completely backwards, look at other counties where they actually have gun control, and you will see that the amount of gun violence is substantially lower.... you people need to pull your head out of your a@#!

miche... micheledo

Catherine, I have seen no data that shows gun crime went down in other countries after more gun control. Maybe it is lower then the USA, but all data I have seen shows that crime went UP.

Yep, look at Mexico, Chicago, and D.C. Stricter laws have not made it safer!

Doomy234 Doomy234

I agree with your first comment, micheledo. Teachers should take a safety course beforehand and go over proper emergency and safety protocol. If they dont think they can handle the responsibility, they can decline and pass the duty off to other teachers.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

In the nearly 6 years since the Harrold, Tx school district started allowing permitted teachers to carry, how many incidents of accidents involving guns and kids? We should be careful not to deem arming and equipping teachers as "not the answer", with out evidence that it is not.

Evidence towards the argument that it could be the answer:

A citizen in the Clackamas mall shooting carrying a concealed weapon pulled it on the murderer and is the reason the guy was only able to shoot two people before stopping and killing himself.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I actually agree with the article.From personal experience of having volunteered in my kids' schools, there are WAY to many unstable kids that have meltdowns that the teacher has to physically remove or handle to control,which would put said kid in the perfect place to grab the teacher's gun.I have many teachers that are friends that I love and I have a great respect for teachers but even they are not perfect and who maybe shouldn't be handling a gun....Instead of taking the risk why not just do the easy thing and have armed guards/etc. at every school. That makes more sense to me. I don't want my kids' teacher to carry,My 14 yr. old said that would actually make her feel less safe (she's in high school), though I know all kids are different.Still, I think there are better options is all I'm saying.

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