Soldier Dad Surprises 5-Year-Old at School Hours After She Has Premonition He's Back in the US (VIDEO)

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military reunionIt really doesn't matter how many of these you see, military reunion videos never fail to bring on the waterworks. Of course, they're all special, but this one involves an extremely sage 5-year-old as well as her older sister, who's also a hero.

Sophia Tricanico, just 5, woke up on Monday morning and told her grandmother that she had a really awesome dream that night.

"Oma, I saw daddy’s face," she said. "I dreamed he’s going to pick me up from school!"

Imagine Grandma's surprise by this. Sophia's dad, U.S. Army Spc. Alejandro Tricanico, wasn't supposed to come home from Afghanistan until March. But leave it to the sometimes scary ESP of young children: Just a few hours later, Sophia's dad completely surprised everyone, including Sophia's 14-year-old sister, Alexandra Schmidt, by showing up to Sophia's elementary school in New Jersey!

He made his appearance most appropriately during an assembly at the K-5 William A. Miller Elementary School that honored those serving in the military. Alexandra is also a member of the Air Force Jr. ROTC program at Old Bridge High School, so all her fellow cadets were there to witness this heartwarming moment too.

Given an early release from his deployment after eight months, Tricanico wanted to really surprise his daughters. He set up this reunion with the school’s staff; the girls didn't even know he was back in the States! To pull it off, Tricanico arrived early at the school and hid in a large closet in the gymnasium. He reminisced, "I could see peek out and see Ally against the wall ... I was thinking, 'Oh boy!' I was so close to her. I was so nervous back there. It was just killing me."

To top it all off, Tricanico's 9-month-old son, Peter, who was just 2 weeks old when his father went overseas, was able to look at Alejandro and babble what sounded like "da da" to those in ear-shot.

So adorable. It's something you should see for yourself.

Here it is!

Can't get enough of these military reunion videos, can you?


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mrsjonzy mrsjonzy

Esp about someone youre close to weird but not uncommon. When you're really close to someone it's weird and sometimes you get weird feelings. I think everyone gets them you st don't relize it. My brother got in a car accident when he was a teenager. I woke up from a dead sleep with this horrible feeling something was wrong with my brother. Later I found out it was the exact time he got in the accident. Another time my grandma called me up the day before I found out I was pregnant and asked if I was having a baby. She said she just had a feeling. It's super weird but not uncommon. As far as military reunions, I can't watch them, I cry and cry. Im so happy and sad for them. I'm so happy they're home safe, and their kids are so happy to see them. However time is so precious and that much time away, and probably the same amount next year, makes me sad for them. 

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