6 Sandy Hook Children Escaped the School & Found Refuge in a Kind Man's Home

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plaque in NewtownGene Rosen, a neighbor who lives near Sandy Hook Elementary school, had just fed his cats and was leaving his house to head to a local diner when he saw 6 small children sitting in a semi-circle at the end of his driveway. A school bus driver was consoling them. These were six of Mrs. Soto’s students who had run past the gunman, Adam Lanza, and escaped -- but not before witnessing one of the most horrific massacres of our time.

Rosen, a retired psychologist, took the children into his home and gave them stuffed animals, listened to their stories, consoled them and called their parents to let them know that their children were spared on that grizzly morning in Connecticut.

It seems like a little thing to do the right thing; to see a deficit and provide for it. His small kindness may have altered those children’s lives for the better. Gene Rosen is a hero.

As a mother, if it were my child, I would be forever indebted to Mr. Rosen for giving my child shelter and taking her into his home and calming her down when I could not be there.

The parents of every child at Sandy Hook elementary school was out of their mind with worry and grief last Friday. The sheer terror they must have felt when they didn't know if their child was alive or dead must have been overwhelming. The waiting must have been torturous.

How grateful I would have been to Mr. Rosen for calling me and giving me the peace of mind of knowing that my child was safe, when so many were not. It seems like it was the right thing to do but how many people would have just carried on and called the police. Instead he stayed with the children. He called their parents.

He answered the door and delivered these brave and terrified children back into the loving arms of their parents.

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dirti... dirtiekittie

i read about Mr. Rosen yesterday, and he absolutely touched my heart. i am so grateful that he was there for those small children. even more so, i'm so appreciative that he didn't just run his mouth about every detail those kids shared with them. they needed him that day, and he was amazing. and he says it was because he was a grandpa - i hugged my kids extra tight after reading, and had them call their own grandpas to say they love them. absolutely beautiful, and the world could use more like Mr. Rosen. bless you sir.

BDolp... BDolphins82

What a kind man and a smart guy to act quickly.  Thankfully he was just what those kids needed at that point in time especially with his training in psychology.  As stated above I am thankful that he is keeping what was said in his house between him and the children.  They will remember this kind man the rest of their lives and see the compassion of a stranger in the darkest hour.

nonmember avatar Dianne

This msn is a hero in my book. A guardian angel to those lucky kids that managed to escape. Kudos to this man.

jalaz77 jalaz77

This is the stuff we need to hear more of.

eetfbf eetfbf

See God has angels on earth .He did a very good thing and I believe those children will remember him forever.

nonmember avatar alison nel

Those kids ended up at Mr Rosen's house for a reason, God knows best, there are stil, kind hearted people in this world.

Jammi... Jammie209

I think this kind, gentle man might have just earned himself 6 more "grandchildren" for life. Thank you, sir! U are truly amazing.

Melis... Melissa1508

Thank you for posting this.  These are the stories we need to hear now, not "the shooter" blah blah blah.  I will not say his name because I will not give him the glory for what he did.  These are the stories we need now.  Bless this man!!!!!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

That whole town is hurting.  Those poor sweet little kids also provided a sense of purpose amid the tragedy for Mr. Rosen, and in a way he healed a little while he healed others.  My heart goes out to everyone there.

Worki... WorkingMom8479

This is so much better to read about than Leann Rimes!!!!!

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