Only Survivor of Sandy Hook First Grade Class 'Played Dead' to Escape Gunman (VIDEO)

More stories are coming out of Sandy Hook Elementary School -- most of them devastating. Some, like the brave school teacher who saved her class by barricading them in a closet -- heroic. Now here comes one that will break your heart. One little 6-year-old girl was the only survivor of her first grade class. She was also the first student to run out of Sandy Hook after the police arrived. Her entire class, except for her, was killed. How she survived, what she had to do, and what she had to say about the shooter, Adam Lanza, will send chills down your spine.


A pastor, Jim Solomon, has been counseling the girl since she survived the attempt by Adam Lanza to wipe out her entire classroom. The girl, who remains unnamed, managed to survive by playing dead. Says the pastor to ABC News' Lara Spencer:

"She ran out of the school building, covered head to toe in blood, and the first words out of her mouth to her mother were, 'Mommy, I'm okay, but all of my friends are dead.'"

Oh my god. That poor little girl. And her poor classmates. The pastor explained that the girl was able to "act as if she was already deceased," which allowed her to survive the massacre. This reminds me of the 4-year-old girl who hid, frozen in fear, until police arrived at the scene of her family's massacre in their car in the Swiss Alps. People get outraged when they hear of bystanders not rushing to help someone in trouble, but in actuality, the human body often freezes instinctually when in fear. It's a survival mechanism that probably came in handy when our main enemies were wild animals. The pastor attributes her survival to "divine intervention." Either way, at least it worked.

Do we really need to teach our kids to "play dead" in case a madman tries to kill them?! And what will those "rehearsals" say to them about people and society? I remember my mother telling me how much "bomb drills" at her school scared the living daylights out of her as a child.

As for Adam Lanza, the little girl told her mother that she saw a man who was "very angry, very mad." No child should ever have to see anyone that angry.

Would you consider teaching your child to "play dead" if need be?

Image via ABC News

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