Muslim Student's Letter to Santa Is Most Touching One Ever Written (PHOTO)

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letter to santaA Muslim elementary student has written what could possibly the most adorable, touching letter to Santa of all time. Found by a Redditor, the note starts off: "I know that I never wrote you a letter because I don't celebrate Christmas ..." and then goes on to thank Santa for bringing everyone presents and spreading happiness.

Um ... this is awkward, huh guys? We've all been so busy complaining about being busy that we forgot to be, um, kind this time of year. (And, yes, year-round.) Wow, we're all a bunch of jerks, aren't we?

It isn't every day that an elementary-aged child can be this sweet and unselfish. Of course, kids don't realize they're being "selfish", for lack of a better word, at this age -- but there definitely is a lot of "me" and "mine" going on around this time.

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The identity of this sweet student hasn't been revealed, but whoever you are, wherever you live, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being such a touching reminder of what's important in this world, and a wonderful example to both kids and adults. And thank you to your parents -- they certainly did a great job.

How adorable is this?


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ethan... ethans_momma06

It's adorable for sure.

Your verbal attacks on the rest of the people seemed unkind and unwarranted. Just because someone displayed a wonderful qualoty doesn't mean that everyone else are giant douches.

tuffy... tuffymama

Wtf? Who's a jerk, Judgy Judgerson? Damn. One kid writes a note to Santa and we are all dicks? I fail to identify the mechanics of your extrapolation, Nicole. Perhaps you'd like to follow up on this one? Is this because the kid was Muslim and you have to magnify the positivity by law as a rabidly PC Obama supporter?

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

So nice! As a Muslim I love reading GOOD things about us. This is the true way of our religion to care about others. It's to bad they don't post more of the good

Maias... MaiasMommy619

Thats beautiful! There is always that one idiot out there that has to turn something postive into something ugly..... shame on you!

nonmember avatar Mom to 2

Ethan's Mom your comments don't make any sense and sound absurd, and uneducated. This letter is beautiful and sweet. I don't know how anyone can misinterpret it the way you have.

Carey Rose Paterson

Indeed a sweet letter. Although I must ask, considering the identity of the writer is unknown (as stated in the article) how on earth did you know the child was muslim? Yea...

kever... keversole

wow... the first two comments are so outrageous.  you should be embarrassed.

Sarah Sultzbach McKee

Um, I agree with the first two comments. What kind of authors makes the rest of the world out to be assholes just because a child write a thankful letter to Santa? Focus on how sweet this kid was, and by all means, this is quite a sweet letter to be coming from a child... no need to exaggerate how "big of jerks" everyone else is. 

kisse... kisses5050

the kid doesn't say he  or she is Muslim  in the letter... i am confused.. perhaps the kid is Jehovah Witness or Jewish or Wicca or atheist.

hotpi... hotpinkpoodle

To perhaps answer the question of how the child author is known to be Muslim: The article says that the letter was written by a "Muslim elementary student." I'm assuming that, though the identity of the author may be unknown, that it has been determined that a student at a Muslim elementary school wrote it. Just like there are Catholic schools, for example, there are also Muslim schools. My good friend works at a Muslim high school and has had a wonderful experience.

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