Spend Just $100 on Great Gifts for the Entire Family

Sophie and Lili dolls

Every year when the holidays roll around, I always joke about how I probably need to think about taking on a second job simply to afford the gifts for everyone on my list. With each passing year, it seems like everything gets pricier and pricier, and I wind up spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars without even realizing how much stuff is adding up to.

And I really think a lot of the reason most of us find our spending getting out of control is because when we go out shopping, we have a tendency to indulge in impulse buying, so we wind up with way more gifts than we need.

However, when we stick to ordering gifts online, it's much easier to maintain a budget -- even as low as $100 for the whole family.


These precious dolls from Sophie and Lili are one of my favorite gifts to give, because they're so unique and they're also "handmade with love." I managed to snag a last-minute holiday doll for only $25, so hurry up and order by December 15 if you want one for the little girl in your life. 

Another great place to find special and budget-friendly gifts online is at one of the various shops on Esty.com. I got my 6-year-old son a fantastic set of colored wooden blocks for $15. He loves building all sorts of structures, and these are a great addition to the standard wooden blocks we already own.

And I also got the little guy another gift that was a bit on the selfish side -- a crayon wallet for $13.50. This way we can take his crayons with us anywhere we go, and they don't wind up crushed at the bottom of my purse. (Winning.)

My mom is going to flip out over her gift this year -- a "Dammit Doll." Yes, a Dammit Doll, as in a doll that you can hit stuff with to get out your stress and frustrations. At only $12.95, they're way cheaper than therapy.

That brings me to my dad, who will have a field day reading through this book of the worst test answers ever given. At $8.50, it's a cheap price to pay for endless laughs.

No, I didn't forget about my husband. Gah. (Ok, so this gift is sort of for both of us.) I am loving these Mr. & Mrs. stemless wine glasses for $18, so we can enjoy our Shiraz in style from now on.

See? I did it! I got everyone gifts and stayed under $100, coming in at a grand total of $92.95. Not bad, huh?

Have you found any great budget gifts for your family this year?


Image via Sophie and Lili

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