5-Year-Old Philadelphia Girl Accidentally Shot Herself With Dad's Gun

gun locked upA 5-year-old Philadelphia girl is recovering after she shot herself in the big toe while playing with her father’s gun at home on Tuesday night. She was at home with her two siblings and her father when the gun discharged.

Seriously? Another one? This all begs one crucial question: when is enough going to be enough?


At first glance, this story has a happy ending, right? Someone got shot in the toe. She's fine. But no 5-year-old should have access to a gun. Period. This story could have had a much more tragic ending. The fact is children are accidentally discharging weapons more often than you can imagine.

Consider this: it could have just as easily been just her head, or her dad’s heart or one of her siblings. It only takes a second of a loaded firearm in the wrong hands, especially little inexperienced ones, to go from not so serious to deadly.

This isn't the first time this has happened. It seems like these kinds of stories happen almost weekly and it HAS to stop.

Guns should be locked up. Period.

Would a parent leave a machete lying around? Would he have left his running chainsaw lying around? Would you leave your children around an open fire and combustible materials and then be surprised when they got blown to bits? Then why the hell would anyone leave a shiny gun with bullets in it just lying around the house?

Until people can handle firearms safely, especially when children are in the house, maybe the right to keep and bear arms is trumped by our children's safety.

Who do you think should be held responsible in this case?

Image via idleman/Flickr

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