Mom Lost in Deadly Snow Storm Gives Her Sons a Tearful Goodbye (VIDEO)

blizzardPaula Lane, a mother of twin 11-year-old boys, could have never imagined that the day that she went four-wheeling with her boyfriend, Roderick Clifton, on November 29 in the Sierra Nevada mountains might have been the last time she would ever see her family again.

The Jeep that Lane and Clifton were riding in got caught in a snowdrift. After the first night of the blizzard, Clifton decided to walk into the storm in search for help, but never returned. Trapped alone in a blizzard with no help in sight and feeling that the end was inevitable, Paula Lane made a tearful goodbye video for her sons on her phone. See below:


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Paula's family refused to give up on her. In fact, her brother took a tractor from a neighbor and made his own search and rescue mission. Amazingly, he found her still alive.

This is a true story of the power of love and also a reminder: we never know when our last goodbye may be. We must always tell our loved ones what is in our hearts and let them know how very much they mean to us. Personally, I tell my children, my husband, my parents, brothers, sisters, and nieces and nephews that I love them every single time we part ways.

Family is everything. They are the people who will come through hell and high water (or high snow!) to help us when we need them the most. They are the first people we want to share good news with and they are the ones we turn to when our hearts are broken. Family will pick you up and carry you when you are too weary to walk.

"Family" means always having someone to be with you in the good times and the bad times. Family is the one place you can always get and give unconditional love.

This is a powerful reminder this holiday season that even when it seems chaotic and crazy, we must remember that it’s all just love.

Hug your children. Tell your family that you love them each time you say goodbye. We truly never know when it might be our last time.

Do you always remember to say a meaningful goodbye?


Image via Gregor_y/Flickr

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