Mom Leaves 'Mature' 5-Year-Old Alone to Babysit Younger Siblings

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This is what happens when babies have babies -- they lose their minds. And yes, 23 years old is too young to have three babies, one of them 5 years old, meaning Yvonne Rodriguez had her first child at 18 years old. Yep, I'm passing judgment. Rodriguez's other children are 2 and 3 years old. And the children's tough lives are already beginning. She's been arrested for leaving her 5-year-old home to babysit her other two toddlers while she went shopping at Best Buy and had her nails done. Rodriguez may not be a cruel mother, but she's an irresponsible one.

Police showed up at Rodriguez's home and waited two hours for her to return from her leisurely time out. (Not in much of a hurry to get back, obviously.) The little 5-year-old boy who has been invested with far too much responsibility for his age greeted police with the heartbreaking comment, "Policemen, mommy is not here. I’m watching my sisters. Can you watch us now?"

Exactly. Poor child is desperate for a mature adult in his life.

Rodriguez first lied and said she'd asked a friend to care for the children, but then finally fessed up that she had left the eldest to care for the youngest because she thought he was "mature enough" to watch his younger sisters.

There's no way in hell a 5-year-old is mature enough to be responsible for anyone, no matter how mature he seems. And perhaps some 5-year-olds DO seem mature. I was such a mature kid that I wasn't much older than this when I was put in charge of watching my younger sister -- and even some kids from the neighborhood. And, honestly, it's pure luck that nothing major happened, like a fire breaking out, or one of the kids choking, or god forbid, an adult breaking in with bad intentions, because I don't know that I would have known what to do. I also was born to very young parents who just didn't have a clue about some things, I'm afraid.

Anyway, these three children were sent to stay with their grandparents while the mom was charged with three counts of child neglect. (Things are much stricter these days!)

I hope the mom has learned her lesson, but I fear these three kids are in for rough ride.

Do you think a 5-year-old is mature enough to babysit? What is the youngest babysitter you've had?


Image via Osceola County Sheriff's Office


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three... threeforme157

I agree with the writers statement that she is too young to have babies.  Young moms can say how mature and responsible they are but they are still too young.  Life experience and age do make a difference.  You will understand this when you are older and your kids are young adults.  

frees... freespirit18

it is absolutely cruel.a child that age should never have to carry such responsibility.

Stacy Young Nabors

@threefome You can not pass judgement on all young mothers. My twin girls were born when I was 19 and my son was born when I was 20. I was married to their father before all of them were born. My girls are now 12 so I think I have been parenting long enough to comment. My children are all well adjusted and have never been left alone for more than a few hours after school and that just started recently. Your age does not always have to do with life experience. I have 3 children that are all well adjusted, loved and provided for. You can not judge all young mothers by the stupidity of one. I personally find it offensive that you think you can pass judgement on people you have never met.

stara... starandseen

How did the police get alerted to this? Neighbors called them because of crying? Either way, how stupid for that mom to think a 5 year old can babysit younger siblings.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Yes, most young adults with education, family support and a spouse are good parents but most young parents do not have this. Its not ideal to start having children when you are a teenager yourself. And I for one like that the writer isnt glorifying having babies young. This new generation takes having children lightly and it needs to be changed.

three... threeforme157

I am not saying that all young moms are bad moms, I think that young mothers have a harder time ahead.  If you wait to have kids you are more likely to be mature and also financially stable to support a family.  Do you know any young mothers who do not struggle financially?  I don't.  There are so many reasons to wait to have kids and everyone with any sense would agree.  I get so frustrated seeing teens popping out kids because society accepts it.  Go to college, have fun, get married and enjoy couple time with your husband and then have kids.  

nonmember avatar Mrs.Yen

Guess what, Kiri? I was an 18 year old mom & I had 2 kids before I was 23. AND I DIDN"T LEAVE THEM ALONE. Heck, I didn't leave them PERIOD! I was so attached that I had a panic attack if they were not by my side. It isn't age that makes people do stupid things!

nonmember avatar NoWay

@threeforme ... and then be 60 by the time they graduate high school? No thanks. I had my kids at 23 and 25. My mom was married at 17 and had my sister at 18. She is an awesome mom. No, I don't like to see unwed teen mothers living on welfare, but I think having kids in your 20's is ideal.

Stacy Young Nabors

I am not saying that having kids at a young age is ideal.  Not everyone is cut out to a parent no matter how old they are. No one should ever glorify having children at a young age. That however does not mean that every young mother deserves to be lumped into the same category.  I did go to college. I worked full time, took 18 credit hours and was still a mom.  It was not easy and I have never claimed it was. I did not intend to have 3 children by the time I was 20 but it happened.  People like this woman make me sick because they make all young mothers look bad and irresponsible. I know that most teenagers aren't ready to be parents. I just ask that not all young mothers get lumped together. Some of us have sacrificed and fought to give our kids what they need just like other parents.

Allison Nibbelink

While I agree that she was irresposible for leaving her children alone with a five year old not all young moms are irresponsible and stupid. I had my first child at 18, second at 21 and third at 25 and never did anything like this. Was this mom stupid? Yes she was but not all young parents are.

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