5 Creative Ways to Wrap Huge Holiday Gifts

Christmas Gifts

When it comes to gifts, as adults we know bigger isn't always better. But for kids, seeing those huge packages under the Christmas tree is the source of much glee. And for whatever reason, it seems there are a lot of big gifts for kids out there. The problem, however, comes when you go to wrap them, and find out that you’re going to have to spend more on wrapping paper to disguise them than you did on the gifts.

Fortunately, however, wrapping paper isn’t the only way to conceal the surprise. With a little creativity, you can wrap gifts up to look festive without breaking the bank ... or breaking your back from the crazy maneuvers you’d need to wrap them traditionally. Here are five fantastic alternative ways to wrap big gifts.

1. Gift Bags

Many stores sell these, and they come in sizes big enough to even package bicycles. They’re especially great for awkwardly sized items also.

2. Tablecloths

You can buy inexpensive paper or plastic ones in holiday prints, and they’ll cover a lot.

3. Fabric

Hit up your local sewing store and scoop up some of the bargain fabrics in great prints to do the wrapping. Use tape, ribbon, or glue dots to secure.

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4. Garbage Bags

Gussy them up with a little paint and some bows, and they’re good to go.

5. An Envelope

If all else fails, hide the gift, then put clues on how to find it in an envelope. Fun and festive!

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