Parents Egg on Daughter During Fight at School Bus Stop

bad parentingAs a mom to two spunky kids, I'm constantly videotaping their crazy antics. Occasionally I post adorable videos on YouTube, then post them on Facebook. Because I know everyone really wants to see a super cute 4-year-old belt out "My Favorite Things," right? Even if you're a bitter, child-hating, Facebook frenemy, you can just skip that video and search for more ironic posts or some food porn from your more sophisticated friends. No harm, no foul.

But you know what other people really don't want to see on their social media? YOU EGGING ON YOUR DAUGHTER TO BEAT UP ANOTHER CHILD. No, really. It's totally true. Yet some poor excuses for parents did just that. Check out this horrible situation, then come back and let's talk.

So not only did a proud parent post this disturbing video for the world to see, he drove his seventh grader to the bus stop so she could attack another child. All the while cheering her on.

Naturally both mom and dad are facing charges of child endangerment and the father is also facing charges of battery. Can we also charge them with child neglect? Because Timothy Taylor and Shequita Cade just failed their daughter in a huge way, and taught her that she cannot trust her parents to take care of her. A lesson, I'm guessing, she's been getting her entire life.

So, thanks Timothy and Shequita for screwing up another kid and causing a huge amount of lifelong pain! Great job. Oh, and the other mom isn't very happy about the situation either. Way to make friends in the community!

What the heck, people?

Is this punishment enough for these boneheads?

Image via Selvig/Flickr

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Lacey Tierney

Stupid breeds stupid. There is no fixing it.

nonmember avatar Ladonna

You guys dnt knw the whole story. i personaly wouldnt drive my daughter to the bus stop to beat up another girl. but i have taught my girls to stand up for their selves. so if that means them getting into a fight to protect themselves then so be it.

nonmember avatar carly

Tim "the toolman" Taylor? Lol jk.

MamaK... MamaKitty421

wow thats duscusting


ashes... ashes2ashes831

LaDonna sticking up for themselves and fighting= two very different things. No you should never encourage your child that fighting is the right answer. Sometimes being the bigger person means walking away and finding an adult. I'd remind you in the real world as an adult you go to jail for fighting irregardless of whose "right." These parents shouldn't be allowed to breed

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