7 Most Hilarious Letters to Santa

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santa lettersThese kids today! They sure are demanding. And they sure do expect a lot of poor Santa Claus: I mean, I get that the guy is magic, but how's he supposed to fit a backyard swing set in his sleigh?! Originally, I'm pretty sure a kid's holiday haul was supposed to be able to fit into just one stocking. (Hung with care, of course.) Now? Forget the chimney, just leave Santa the garage door opener.

If kids' letters to Santa weren't so hilariously funny, they'd be borderline obnoxious. Luckily, most such missives are a flat-out laugh riot. Here are 7 of our favorites (spoiler alert: #4 is PRICELESS!).

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peachaz1 peachaz1

Last year when my daughter was 4 she told Santa that she wanted a baby brother or sister and a lazer gun... All of the other parents at the mall just stared at me

Lindsay Elder

I love Krampus! We don't use him as a punishment for our children, but they do know the story and occasionally I'll hear my son tell other kids that if you're naughty Krampus will get you. 

Bethany Faison

They really weren't THAT funny...

Les Meade

lol @ Krampus.  Thats funny, but so wrong.  I think I will skip Krampus and the nightmares that come with it and continue with the lump of coal. Poor Kid.  Krampus looks like the devil.

nonmember avatar Katie

LOL, "moon sand in a tub"? That's awesome! :p

nonmember avatar Megs

What the heck is Krampus? It's probably because I'm non-religious, but I definitely would never try to scare my kids with the idea that they'd be tortured in a pit of fire after they died. Now, I HAVE tried to freak them out by telling them there was a troll living under the bridge we were walking over at the park... ;) haha But Hell? No way. Wtf.

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