Mom Still 'Sees' 3 Children She Lost in Horrific Christmas Fire

madonna badger christmas fire deathLast Christmas the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to a mother happened to Madonna Badger. This mother of three little girls lost all of them, as well as both of her own parents, in a house fire on December 25. I think all of us can relate to Badger's suicidal feelings -- and attempt -- over the past year, as well as her ex-husband's desire to harm Badger and her boyfriend, who was also in the house. I honestly don't think I could go on after suffering such a horrific tragedy. It's simply unthinkable.

But Badger is starting to come out of the pain and find a small amount of peace a year later, as she told Matt Lauer on TODAY.  While getting far away from anything that reminds her of Christmas seems like a great idea, and working with children who have lost their families an even better one, the other thing that is keeping her going is somewhat shocking.

Madonna Badger says she still sees her girls, and they talk to her.

Clearly Badger is a religious woman, perhaps more so after this loss, which helps explain her strength. In addition to her fear of what will happen if she were to take her own life, Badger has a newly developed sense that heaven does exist, and her daughters are waiting there for her. In the meantime, her daughters appear to her and tell her everything is going to be OK. Wow.

I think we all wish that we could connect with someone we love who has passed on, but it never seems to happen. Or rather, it's a rare occurrence and can sometimes be attributed to something else. My dream about my grandmother after she died, for example. It could be explained away by my subconscious really wanting to talk to her one more time. Or it could be something extraordinary. I'm a skeptic, but would love to believe. 

Badger does believe her 7-year-old twins, Lily and Sarah, came to her and their words keep her going. It would be so comforting to know the spirits of your loved ones were out there, and could comfort you when you need it most. Certainly it's helpful to Madonna Badger, a woman who needs it more than anyone else right now. For her sake, I truly hope seeing her daughters gets her through her darkest moments.

Have you ever talked with someone who has passed?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

I would love to but no. I have dreams that feel real, reality sinks in when I wake up. Good for her for keeping her girls close. I cannot imagine her pain.

the4m... the4mutts

Psychaitrists usually diagnose these occurances as a psychosis, and the "visions" go away with proper medication.

Do I agree? Idk... but I hope she isn't starting to crack

Sijai Sijai

It's not a psychosis and they are "Visions", medication? You are over your head. The girls had a lot of energy in them at the young age they passed. Where do you think that energy went? Their bodies were no longer, their spirit became stronger!

My mama passed in 1988, it was the hardest experience of my life.. I had been married many years to a very abusive man, my mama was always there. She always kept a space for me at her home. This was an escape for my children and I. After she passed, her spirit always stayed close to me. Her eyes and her perfume, We conversed in our minds, her words were clear. She warned me many times. When I left the abusive man, and m oved across town, my two girls and I were hugging in that house, when my mother's spirit left.. She still comes with warnings, many of them have been life or death warnings.


Sijai Sijai

My son passed in 2009, I thought my mom's passing would always be my saddest day, but when I got word that my son had died, I can't even explain, even to this day, the pain in my heart and soul. He comes back to me fairly regular, seems that the visits are further apart as the days, months and years go by. Even my 10 yr old has experienced his uncle's energy. He was always a trickster, still is.. His widow is getting re married soon, his spirit is great with this. God, I miss that kid! I keep my part of his ashes on my bedroom dresser, I wear a vial of his ashes around my neck and kiss him everyday. My two daughters have experienced his energy too..

My greatest hope is that Madonna Badger keeps experiencing the prescense of her daughters energy, that their need of her will keep their mother alive in this world.. She has a lot to give this world, her daughter's know this.. I hope the very best in life will come to her, that she can have more children as she has a great love to share..

Why do some people feel this energy of their passed loved ones, I don't know. I do know my loved ones bring me strength to carry on with my life. Their visits arn't as often, I am happy and content with my life. I re married 14 yrs ago, I married the love of my life!

Please don't pressure Madonna, give her the time she needs to repair her heart and soul.


Rosa Johnson

i have had many experiences with deceased loved ones comforting me. some while other people were present and they saw it too. love never dies. i dont have the answers but i do know that god does not leave us comfortless.

Heather Truett

I have had my brother who passed appear to me in a dream. He was basically telling me that everything is going to be ok and that he was ok. I was 15 and he was 18 when he passed. I was thinking about suicide at this point and he came to me to talk me through it. In my dream, we just sat at his gravesite and talked all night it seemed. I woke up feeling a weight lifted off me and even though I was still grieving severely, I knew i was going to get through it. I havent had the dreams since and I'm 30 but it is nice to know that he appeared when i needed him most. I am expecting a child in the Spring that we are naming after him. Its definately hard losing people and we all have to find our way back to want to go on without them. God Bless this woman for fighting through it and living for her girls and parents!

Ellen Ashlie

You hope she's not starting to 'crack'? This woman probably BROKE as soon as she realized all of her children were dead! What kind of thing is that to say? Wouldn't you CRACK if it happened to you? Some people are just better off not speaking. Or in this case, typing.

Pamela Turman

Yes, I too have had several visits from my Mother. My 10 year old daughter had a visit from her Grandfather as he passed. I think God provides us with what we need. At one particularly low point, I felt the mattress move as she sat down to talk to me. There are other signs and instances so I know it's real.

Sarah Stone

When my grandmother died, I was so upset. I felt like everything had been thrown off balance, so when she called me in a dream, I pretty much knew it was really her. We were always really close. And the night of her funeral my friends picked me up after the services and we almost got in a wreck, but it felt like something pushed our car on my side away from the trees. No matter what people say, I always believe that our loved ones are still there making sure we go on living even if they aren't.

Samantha Muscia

My dad died when I was almost 6 and before I went to college, which I was very scared about, I woke up one night and saw him sitting on the side of my bed.  We didn't talk but his presence made me feel better. 

As a Christian, I am torn between whether I believe the spirits of our loved ones leave Heavan.  On one hand, I think they would be too busy praising God, but on the other, I think they are our guardian angels, and perhaps they can leave to bring us peace.  If they don't maybe "seeing" our deceased loved ones is a product of our own psyche trying to protect us. 

We won't know until we get to Heaven, but it is amazing to know that for someone who seems to have lost everything, that she has found a way to live, to find some purpose.  The depth of human strength is amazing and I hope Madonna can find some sliver of happiness in this life until she is re-united with her little angels!

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