6 Ways to Make Your Video Game Console Last Forever

With the holidays just around the corner, it's a good bet that you'll either be buying your kid a video game system, or you'll be buying them a video game to play on their video game system. These things aren't cheap. Game consoles can cost hundreds of dollars, so you want to make sure that the one you buy or have already bought lasts for awhile. And you know how kids can be -- destructive little monsters! Haha. JK. Your kids are lovely. But they're probably stronger than they think, right? And you want to make sure that they don't accidentally destroy their lovely (and expensive) gift, amiright?

Here are 6 ways you can make your game console last forever.


Keep it dry. It might be easy to forget that the console isn't a toy, it's a piece of electronics equipment. So make sure to keep it in a warm, dry area. That means no banishing it to a damp basement when you get sick of hearing it.

Don't keep it on the carpet. Woah. Who knew?! Apparently carpets absorb heat faster than wood or other surfaces. And heat is BAD for consoles.

Keep it dust-free. Might sound impossible, but every once in awhile, squirt some compressed air into the vents to blow out dust. Routinely dust around the console. Dust is the biggest console killer.

Give it plenty of space. You might be tempted to pack the console in between your Journey albums and the kids' Bieber CDs, but don't do it. Consoles need room to breathe. Give it its own shelf.

Keep it standing. Don't put it on its side. That tends to cut off ventilation and gather dust.

Don't play too long. Consoles get hot when they're played and need to cool down every few hours. So no 12-hour video game marathons, unless you take long breaks.

If you care for your console well, it should last you up to five years. Okay, that's not forever. But as far electronics go, it's pretty close.

Do you have a video game console? What are your tips for caring for it?


Image via PseudoGil/Flickr

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