6 Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Video Games

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princess shirtLet's say you've got a kid -- or know a kid -- who looooooves video games. (I know, don't they all?) That's cool, but it makes buying holiday gifts something of a challenge: There are only so many must-have video games on the shelves, after all. What ELSE can you give a video game-obsessed kid ... besides, well, video games?

Luckily there are lots of options out there, from actual video game accessories to video game-inspired t-shirts to gadgets that aren't games but are still techy enough to satisfy the digital beast.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Replacement NES USB controller: How cool is old school?! This USB device looks exactly like that NES controller you had as a kid, plus it plugs into your computer to play emulators. No drivers required! $29.99

Self-Rescuing Princess T-Shirt: Pictured above, this adorable tee sends the perfect gamer girl message. Power up! $12.99

Mobile Wireless Game Controller: For fun on-the-go (think holiday road trips to grandma's house), this "retro-styled," pocket-sized game controller works with iPhone, iPad, and Android. Entertainment with ease. $29.99

Plasma Nebula Ball: Hey, kids need other glowing light sources to stare at besides a screen. Like a lava lamp, except way cooler. $25

Keep Calm and Game On T-Shirt: Need we say more? Lots of colors, too. $27.99

Kid's "Gamer" Water Bottle: Gotta stay hydrated while you play! $10

Got any gamers on your list? What will you give them?


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power... powertothekids

here is a tip go to think geek

Jenniy Jenniy

My gamer get a new shirt from thinkgeek and a sonic screwdriver bc he's also a Whovian.

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