Father Dies in Tragic Car Accident While Taking Sons to See Santa

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christmas lightsHold your loved ones extra tight tonight; this week a family in Athens, Georgia lost a father to a tragic accident. Christopher Tyler Evans was taking his sons to see Santa. His wife, Sabrina, was driving the family when another driver crashed into their car. Sabrina and her sons weren't seriously hurt, but Christopher was killed. It was their wedding anniversary.

It's just incredibly sad. The Evans' children were just 5 and 7 years old. They were also looking forward to celebrating their birthdays on the 21st and 23rd of December. December was supposed to be an exciting month filled with important milestones for this family. But this Christmas will be a painful one for the Evans family.

Will this ruin Christmas for the Evans brothers? That must be a question on Sabrina's mind right now. She's just lost the love of her life, which is awful enough for her. But now she has to shepherd two heartbroken little boys through this tragedy. They lost their father. How do you even begin helping your child to heal from that rift when you're in terrible pain yourself?

Not only that, the memory of the car crash that robbed them will always be tangled with memories of Santa and the holidays. So Sabrina has an almost inhuman task as a mother: Cope with this year's holiday, help her sons recover from their loss, and find a way to mark Christmastime in future years that celebrates the memory of Christopher while still respecting the pain the family feels at his absence.

Sabrina and her boys still have each other. And I hope they're surrounded by family and loved ones who can give them the support they need right now. My heart breaks for them.

How would you cope if you suffered a loss like this, especially around the holidays?


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sofia... sofia0587

Will it ruin Christmas for the kids???? Really dumbass ofcourse it will, how you would you feel if you lost a parent???

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

TThis is one of those u dont know how u will be when it happens till it happens. Those poor boys will forever remember they were going to see santa when daddy was taken from them. His wife will forever have some level of guilt wondering what she could have done differently to avoid an accident that took her husband mere weeks before christmas. It wont ever be the same. Ever. So of course it will ruin it for the whole family.

corri... corrinacs

And don't forget their Birthdays :/.  Wow, I feel so bad for these kids :(.  I can't even imagine!!

Cynthia Eslinger

What a terrible thing to happen,not only this time of year, but anytime. My heart goes out to the family.SO sorry for your loss. God Bless you and your Family

nonmember avatar lisa

How incredibly sad.My heart is just breaking for those little boys and their mother. There really are no words for something like this.May they feel God loving embrace and comfort during this time , now and for the rest of their lives.

Shelby Lynn Pettus

I lost my Daughter . and my 3 grandkids  7, 9, 14  was devastated . to Lose there mom,, right before Christmas,,  I now the pain, cause my grandchildren  live with me now,,  I hate to see Christmas come each year,, my Daughter, their Mother will never be here to spend Christmas with us anymore.. I feel for these children and their Family,,  May God hold them during this time . (:

Tricia LymeMom

Every person is different. This year will be very hard and painful for them. Please don't take this as heartless, that really isn't my intention, but one thing I do know from my own kids is that the bigger the deal you make of it, the bigger the deal it will be to them. I lost my Dad in a tragic death on December 20, 1999. Not on Christmas...December 20. My father always loved Christmas and I make sure to separate the two. It took a couple of years to learn to live with it (the pain never really goes away) but I won't let his death ruin something that was so special to our family...it would hurt him too much if I did.

Colleen Batterman

my heart goes out to this family... i could only imagine how they will feel every year to come.. such a tragedy.. god be with them...

Bonnie Maestas

Losing a parent is bad enough, but to have it happen during the time when families are together, celebrating the birth of Christ, it is even harder. I honestly would be thankful that the boys were not lost as well, even though she did lose the love of her life. I would take comfort in the boys since through them her husband still lives. He also still lives in their memories and the times they shared with him, even though they are young.

gamma4 gamma4

I was 18 leaving in January for the Navy...Dec 19, 1983.... my 15 year old brother had an accident at home an died...these children will remember..always...but yes separate the two incidents. Will help

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