Third Grade Teacher Forces Kids to Massage His Feet & Scratch His Back

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teacherAll right, why do you send your kids to school? To learn? Or to give their teacher massages and scratch his back?

What? It's not the latter? Well, then you better not send your kiddo to Taylorsville Elementary School in Utah. There's a third grade teacher there who was caught ordering his students to scratch his back and rub his feet. And yes, he still has his job.

The Granite School District has disciplined Bryan Watts, the 53-year-old who was taking advantage of a bunch of 8-year-olds, and forbidden him from "inappropriate contact" with kids again. But he's still in the classroom, teaching.

As the mother of a second grader who I know is pretty eager to please (literally, those were the words her teacher used on her latest report card ... something I thought, at the time, was a good thing), the whole debacle scares me to pieces. Eager to please kids who have been raised by parents like me to listen to authority figures, especially teachers, can easily be drawn into a situation like this.

A teacher says jump, and they say "how high," because, after all, they're a TEACHER. But the idea of my little girl with her hands on a grown man's feet gives me the willies. She shouldn't be put in that position, no matter how important it is that we teach our kids to respect authority.

Perhaps this situation scares me most because I had a situation that came close to this as a child. I am the only person I've ever encountered from my school district who loathed a certain teacher, but I have a secret. When I was about my daughter's age, I stumbled in line, accidentally stepping on the man's shoe. As punishment, he made me get down on my knees and clean his shoes for him.

I didn't know at the time that I could say "no." I thought I had to do it. I imagine the same can be said of the kids who acquiesced to Bryan Watts' demands that they turn the classroom into a spa. They were just kids, listening to their teacher.

I'm horrified that this guy is still in a classroom, but I will say this has empowered me to have another talk with my daughter and her rights. She can and should say no when she feels uncomfortable, whether it's a teacher or a cop or any other authority figure. She has to know that she isn't powerless simply because she's a child.

She has to know that she should never be forced to touch a grown man (or woman for that matter) when she feels like it would be inappropriate.

Will you be having a talk with your kids about this story? What will you say?


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lesko... lesko0324


fave82 fave82

I remember scratching my teachers back at that age... however, we weren't forced too, and it wasn't a man.. we loved our teacher (and were a bunch of little suck ups i guess, lol) .. plus, this was a different time (we'd even hug her goodbye --shock!!!) and i can say whole heartedly i would have never ever ever touched her feet, lol

Wendi Schwinler-Wagner

What on earth was this "teacher"  or the admininstration thinking , what possible explanation can he give for this,, massaging his feet? Okay I won't do that for ANYONE not even my husband when I was married unless he was freshly showered,,, that is just plain gross, the idea of a man.. ordering children to do this is just flat out disturbing!!!!

nonmember avatar Cee

"This is why I homeschool"...says all moms that believe all schools do this.

Candice Graham

excuse the language people; but hell yes I am mostly definitely having a talk with my children, who are also eager to please..  In my opnion this teacher should be relieved of his duty as a teacher.  If he was ordering his students to rub  his feet, or scratching his back; What else could he be ordering his students to do without anyone else knowing  about???? What's to keep him from doing it again??? No teacher has the right to order their students to do such things. Their job is to care, and to educate the children. Then again i may be wrong..

nonmember avatar Samantha

It is wrong that he was ordering them to do these things, the foot rub is a little too personal, but the back scratch? I dont see that as too personal. Idk, im not overly paranoid about the touch factor, but anyone has the right to say no when it comes to something theyre uncomfortable with. I dont feel he should be fired. Its a silly thing for parents to get up in arms about & a silly thing to fire someone for. Ive already started teaching my daughter about private parts & her right to not be touched except for me or her nani wiping her butt or helping her wash. She is 2, so its early, but its important enough to stress. Its my job. As it was those parents jobs to teach their kids about their rights. We shouldnt blame every little thing on everyone else, we should take blame onto ourselves & push ourselves to parent better.

nonmember avatar Debbie McFadden

As a former school board member ..,. That is very much innapropiate touching!! School is putting children in HARMS WAY!!!!! If this Teacher Brian Watts is going that far...... With your little ones.... What the hell else is going on??!!??!! Shame on that school!!!!

eetfbf eetfbf

This women with the nani thing as she put it,yes it's our job as a parent to teach our children their rights. So what's with the nani then. It's your right as a parent to take care of your child yourself too.So don't judge parenting when you think all people are good especially if they are your child's teacher .Authority figure in their lives.I don't remember seeing back scratch and foot rubs on my childs report card. Do what you suppose to do as a teacher educate our children.Some teacher even go and extra mile to prove they care about what they do.

teach... teacherchick77

I'm a first grade teacher and that is CREEEEPY. However when I was student teaching 14 years ago, the kindergarteners made a sign-up (all on their own during some free time) where kids could volunteer to rub the teacher's shoulders during read aloud. It was pretty funny. It was good name-writing practice, and the little girls walking around asking for sign-ups are probably future politicians. Lol.

cdjak cdjak

He sounds like a pedophile with a foot fetish. Creepy, and he should be brought up on charges.

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