10 Awesome Gifts Under $20 for the Bigger Kids in Your Life

10 Awesome Gifts Under $20 for the Bigger Kids in Your Life

holiday giftsFinding the perfect gift for big kids can be a real challenge, especially when you don't want to spend a fortune. Sure, you could go cheap, but then you end up with "cheap" things. What's the fun in that?

Well happy holidays, people. Buck up. There's a whole lot out there that isn't expensive, but also NOT cheap. Whoo-hoo! So just what kinds of items can older kids get for under $20?

See below:

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  • Creative Nail Polish


    Image via Fred Flare

    Adorable nail polish at an affordable price ($14)! Polish your piggies with your girls.

  • Pajamas


    Image via Amazon


    Adorable pajamas for any little girl for a great, low price ($19.99! It's a huge win!


  • Darth Vader Shirt


    Image via Etsy


    For $10, you could make some Star Wars fan very, VERY happy!


  • Cute Headband


    Image via Hanna Andersson


    A fun headband for the sweet girl in your life. If your girl is anything like mine, you know one hair accessory is never enough. And at $16, it won't break the bank.

  • Giant Floor Puzzle


    Image via Little Folks Puzzle


    This floor puzzle is a perfect gift to keep the little ones occupied and for only $16!


  • Memory


    Image via Etsy


    This memory game is customizable and loads of fun for kids who are 3+. And it's only $15, to boot!


  • 'A Christmas Story' Movie


    Image via Amazon


    Every kid over the age of 6 loves this movie! It's a classic for only $17.99

  • Make-Your-Own Umbrella


    Image via Fat Brain


    Dude, I want this! How awesome is this umbrella for $18.95? Kids will actually want it to rain!

  • Dinosaur Origami


    Image via Cool Stuff Express


    I love gifts that don't cost a fortune and also help kids learn. Bingo on this one! All for $9.95.


  • Light Up Goldfish


    Image via Perpetual Kid


    This is just for fun. But really. Who doesn't need a light up koi for $11.49?


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