Mom Goes to Prison for Defending Daughter (VIDEO)

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Most moms say we'd do just about anything to protect our children. But how far is too far?

Juanita, who we meet in the latest installment of Moms Behind Bars, landed pretty far on the other side of that line. Some guy bumped into her toddler daughter on the street, and the little girl fell down and was bleeding. Rather than yell at the guy and then calm down and tend to her daughter, Juanita went off. She screamed at him, hit him, cut his face (I'm going to guess with a knife), and pretty much lost her mind, including hiding in an abandoned building with her daughter after the assault until the cops went away and then going on the run for a few days.

She was already wanted for robbery and assault, so when the cops caught her, she got a long sentence: 25 years. And she's been trying to parent her kids from prison ever since.

We also meet her daughter, Chastity, who is in high school now and doing well despite a few blips. She talks about how seeing her mom once a month is better than nothing ... and wipes away tears while she says it. I wonder if going nuclear on some guy who hurt her daughter was worth it to Juanita, since she's ended up hurting her daughter far more by not being there for her. You can see the love she feels for Chastity; it radiates from the scenes where we see them together. And sadly, the prison social worker tells us that despite being imprisoned, Juanita has been the most consistent person in Chastity's life.

And to me that's exactly why programs like the one we've been following at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility are so important. These women have made enormous mistakes, but it doesn't mean they aren't capable of loving their children. Their children, on the other hand, love and need their mothers in whatever way they can have them. Maintaining that relationship is good for both sides, even when mom has made some serious mistakes and is not a role model.

Watch their story, and tell us what you think.

How far would you go to protect your child?

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Happy... Happydad73

The heading for this article is misleading. This psycho did not go to prison for defending her daughter, she went to prison for a viscious assault.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Defending her daughter would be tripping him back or something... She took it WAY too far! It's not that serious! Her daughter did not break a bone or have any permanent damage. A simple, "What f*cking a**hole!" would have been just fine. 

I want to feel sorry for the girl that she doesn't have a close bond with her mother, but then again, it might be good that they aren't close because her mom obviously has anger issues.

jrl90 jrl90

what the article should read " We at the Stir will do anything to get people to read our lame stories we come up will grossly exaggerated headlines to suck in readers"

bills... billsfan1104

OK, she didnt go to jail for this guy tripping her daughter, she was already a criminal wanted for assault and robbery.  big difference from your title. She probably got a little more because of this assault.

to all the Mamma's who post on articles about the teachers doing things to students and say "I would of made Dahmer proud or I would beat her ass till she peed", watch this show.  Thats where you will be.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Ok again a misleading title. I didn't read the entire article cause she didn't defend her daughter, she is a crazy chick who was angry and took it out on a guy who accidentally bumped into her kid. What a joke....

Rae.302 Rae.302

^^Thank you to all the people who commented before me to address the ridiculous title.

Rae.302 Rae.302

^^Thank you to all the people who commented before me to address the ridiculous title.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I agree it wasnt the story i thought itd be. But i can see where she lost it. Obviously she took it too far & was a criminal to begin with. Part of loving your child enough to do anything for them, is knowing when to check your temper bc doing what you FEEL like doing is the wrong choice to make. When my 2 yr old daughter gets hurt bc of someone else or another kid is a little dick & treats her badly or someone is rude or shitty to her.. I see red. I FEEL like doing a lot of things. Like beating the shit out of adults for hurting her, smacking them for being rude, smacking or doing the same thing to that bigger idiot kid at the playground... All of these things are normal to feel, but its not ok to go around acting on these impulses. As a good mother, its my job to know when to check my temper & let it go, or when enough is enough. I wont even risk jail time over petty anger, much less prison. Though if there ever was a situation to make me angry enough, id rather just slap the person a few times.............

nonmember avatar Samantha

......(if its an adult) and risk a little jail time. Theres not much that could make me that angry to where i lose control of myself though. Im no saint. I have a hell of a temper. I get angry easily & grew up learning that you hit when youre hurt or angry or scared. I fought a good deal as a kid & teen. But i have a baby girl of my own now, its my job to love, teach, & protect her. So i control my temper. Oh well if i dont get the instant gratification of letting my anger out violently.. If it means im a better mother & can be there for my daughter.

nonmember avatar kaerae

You really need to look up the word "defending." She was NOT defending anyone. She was attacking someone for an accidental slight, like a true ghetto rat. This is the same kind of woman who wants to kill some girl for "looking at her man."

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