‘Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Ex Eddie Cibrian

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brandi glanvilleMost divorced moms will tell you, co-parenting sucks plain and simple. Things are especially complicated when your ex has moved on to wife #2 and she now plays a big part in how your kids are raised. A mixture of emotions -- from annoyance to fury to heartbreak -- will inevitably come your way and sometimes make it hard to be a calm, rational adult. Though it's possible to somehow navigate this rocky road with surprising grace and style. Generally, I would not look to any of the Real Housewives from any city for tips on how to handle a touchy situation, but recent comments from RHOBH star Brandi Glanville about how she and ex Eddie Cibrian raise their two boys together have taken her from hot mess to devoted (and, dare I say, mature) mom in my eyes.

Brandi admits that when it comes to Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, they still have their disagreements. She wants the boys to be featured on her Bravo hit, but Eddie is opposed. "It's hard because Eddie's like, 'I want them to have a normal life.' I'm like, 'A normal life [with] a singer?'" she told Us Weekly. "They go on a tour bus halfway across the country and go backstage at these concerts. Then they have a dad as an actor -- [seeing him] kissing different girls on TV is going to be hard. And then they have me -- God knows what I am, but I'm me! It's not going to be normal."

Though, there is one subject the warring exes can always agree on -- they want their kids to feel loved. "I would do anything for them, and so would Eddie," the reality star told Us. "I know no matter what the situation is, we're going to keep them grounded, sweet, safe, and not entitled."

It's nice to see that Eddie and Brandi are intent on raising sweet, down-to-earth children. That's no easy feat no matter who you are or what you do for a living. Brandi may come off as a total wackadoo on RHOBH, but she certainly has her head on straight when it comes to those kids. Her goals are what every divorced mom should strive for -- making sure her kids feel loved, supported, and not spoiled.

Do you think Brandi and Eddie are doing a good job co-parenting?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I think she's childish,overall. After reading the story about how she reacted to Leann's twitter post, I think she has issues. Leann may not be a real winner, but she seems to love the kids. It takes 2 to have a silly twitter "feud" and both of these ladies participate little middle school girls.

tnyangel tnyangel

This is all the "adjustment" period. I've never watched a Real Housewives episode, but they both say they want their children to grow up feeling "loved", well, as a co-parent, that means you want the step-mom to love them too. You want her to take some pride in her step-children and do a good job when you aren't there. So, you bite your lip when you don't like what they are doing and you save the "feuds" for when they are doing something you have to put your foot down about.  I think they'll get there. I also think they will always bring up the petty little things in order to keep in the public eye.

nonmember avatar Renee

I love Brandi! She has been taunted and bullied nonstop over the last 3 years by Leann. Recently, Leann has tried to hide it and play victim. She is suing a mom of 4 special needs kids for taping a phone coversation where Leann is cursing at the woman. Apparently she doesnt like being exposed. Google Kim Smiley and Leann.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

Agree, brandi is constantly being provoked. It is hard for her to co-parent with someone who is mentally ill. Look at leann. Her eating disorder, her non stop tweeting, copying brandi sometimes nearly verbatim, the fact that she feels the need to flaunt destroying two marriages with that equally immature eddie. I don't think anyone sane honestly thinks leann rimes is stable enough to be around children.

Joanne Hester

I agee with the last two statements, If Leann showed any humility and could accept that she did help break up a family, give some consideration for Brandi feeling stay off twitter.if Leann really cares for the children she would go low profile and not be so public.  It looks like she is wanting to show off.  Leann needs to know when she pushes Brand buttons and hurts her she is also hurting the children

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