LEGO Rewards Autistic Boy's Years of Money-Saving With Toy of His Dreams (VIDEO)

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James Groccia LeGOThe LEGO company is getting big props from the internet this week for bestowing an amazing gift on a little boy with autism. Ten-year-old James Groccia had been saving for two years for the LEGO set of his dreams only to find out it had been retired from the market. When he sent the company a letter, the Secret Santas there dug around in their archives and sent him the $250 collectible totally free.

Wowza! Makes me happy to be a LEGO customer for sure. But can we talk about the elephant in the room here?

A kid saved for two years to get something he wanted!? In 2012, that's practically unheard of!

We live in a society where the new rule of parenting seems to be "they see something, they get something." And if you don't spoil your kids with every new gadget, you're somehow doing it wrong -- or so it would seem if you read the diatribes on the Internet against parents who don't subscribe to the instant gratification method of parenting.

I, on the other hand, appreciate the way James Groccia's parents are raising their son. The 11-year-old has Asperger's, and he takes part in a LEGO club as part of his therapy. That's wonderful! But it doesn't mean it's his parents' job to go out and buy their son every LEGO set under the sun.

It's tempting, I know. Especially right now, with the holidays approaching and our kids begging for everything under the sun. I went Black Friday shopping with my daughter in tow, and it was hard to remind myself that she doesn't "need" everything she asks for.

There are so many powerful things to be learned in requiring our kids to save for big purchases -- now and then, I'm not saying every single thing. They learn that sometimes you lose interest in what you thought you "had to have." They learn that victory is sweeter when you work hard for it. They learn that sometimes there are good people in this world who appreciate your hard work ... like the people at LEGO who were moved by James Groccia saving for two years for the Emerald Knight set he always wanted.

They didn't just send this set to "anyone," they sent it to a kid who really deserved it.

Just check out the smile on this little guy's face:


Don't you want that for your kids?

Do you make them save for big items they really want?


Image via OnSiteStudios/YouTube

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power... powertothekids

i have asperger too,so that would be SUPER hard so great job

undrc... undrcvrmom

lol here I thought the elephant was going to be that lego markets $250 sets to 10 year olds!lol  Actually my 5 year old has asked for the millenium falcon from Lego and it is $500!!  He is 5 and is asking for a $500 present!  I said no and he then chose a $400 set!lol

F U lego!Makes me so angry!

the4m... the4mutts

Good for Lego! I do teach my kids to save for big ticket items. Its double hard for them, because they do not get an allowance. They get paid per EXTRA chore they do. Standard chores don't count towards spending money.

My son decided recently to save for a large Lego bin. He is obsessed with legos, but I won't let him buy anymore even with his own money, because there is simply nowhere to put them. So he made a smart choice, and should have his new bin by february.

purpl... purple_creeper

Undrcvrmom where i live milenium falcon is less than $140

nonmember avatar Wendy

The Millennium Falcon is only $140 from LEGO. I don't know where undrcvrmom is shopping... Please remember, too, that is a licensed toy, and that adds to the cost of a product, since the license holder gets a chunk of the money.

What a wonderful way for LEGO to acknowledge that boy's passion and determination. (Now if only they'd stop marketing building toys as "boy" toys.)

Mat603 Mat603

Undrcvrmom, ToysRUs will allow you to ship the Millenium Falcon lego set to a store near you for $100.  Take a look and see if it works for ya!

undrc... undrcvrmom

Sorry it was the death star he wanted.  

nonmember avatar Brett

'their archives.' Great story, but where's the editor?

mommy... mommypepper

Wow! The video made me cry!! My son has aspergers and I understand how he can get so fixated on something that nothing else will quite do. Kudos to Lego! I will continue to buy from them especially now! It's awesome that he saved his money, good parenting all around! It is nice to hear a nice story these days!

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