My 6-Year-Old Is Starting to Wonder if Santa Is Real & I'm Freaking Out

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SantaMuch to my disappointment, shock, and sheer panic -- it appears as though my 6-year-old is starting to catch on to the fact that the whole idea of Santa seems a little bit fishy.

The other night, we were sitting on the couch and he saw some commercial on TV where a little boy (or maybe it was a girl, I can't remember) was watching Santa come down the chimney into the living room on Christmas Eve.

And at that point, he turned to me and said, "Mommy, I want a video camera installed in here -- because then I can watch for Santa and see if he's real."

Not gonna lie, my heart totally sank, and my inner reaction was something along the lines of, "Holy freakin' sh&%. He's figured it out."

I looked at him and kind of laughed and said, "Oh, of COURSE he's real!" -- and then I quickly changed the subject.

But seriously, even though I knew the day would come when he started questioning Santa's existence -- I thought he'd be a little bit older than 6 before it happened. (Like maybe 8 or so?)

And I'm really, REALLY hoping that's the last glimmer of doubt I'll hear from him this season, but what if it isn't?

What the heck am I supposed to do if he looks me in the eye and flat-out asks me, "Is Santa real, Mommy?"

Do I lie straight to his face for the sake of savoring what may very well be the last year I get to relish in the look of wonder in his eyes on Christmas morning?

Or do I go ahead and tell him the truth, all well knowing it will break both of our hearts? And what if I tell him the truth and then he goes to school and spills the beans to some other kid who still believes in Santa and then I get the phone call from hell from an irate mother who thinks I'm the anti-Christ?

I'm definitely torn between which way I should go if the question pops up again. But until it does, I'm going to savor every single second I have left of him believing in the little bit of magic that is Santa.

Have your kids asked whether Santa is real yet? What did you tell them?


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Jessica Philyaw Rushton

My son is at that age this year...and if he ask i will tell him the truth. Im freaked out about it to though

Marcella Shambles

My daughter is 9 and she knows that Santa is real - he is one of the spirits of Christmas.  Is he real flesh and blood?  Don't know if he ever was, but his spirit will live on for as long as people believe and he will be represented by people as a reminder that giving (not just recieving) is a way to help celebrate the birth of Jesus.  As long as she keeps believing (or at least pretending to) Santa will always try bring her a gift. 
And in that spirit I try and teach her to be "Santa" for those less fortunate then us.

nonmember avatar Common.Sense.


My parents never gave me all that "Santa" B.S. because in my house growing up the number one rule was 100% honesty at all times! They took me aside and told me my first winter in school and said, "Honey, some people's parents have told them that there's a man called 'Santa', and there isn't. You shouldn't tell them the truth because the parents of your friends will blame you for the lie that they chose to tell and get very cross with you."

I'll never understand how some people can expect their children to be honest with them but spend their kid's childhood lying at every turn!

dirti... dirtiekittie

my 9 year old got a bit suspicious this year, but i was very upfront in my explanation: of COURSE santa is real. is magic real? and if not, who are you to say it's not? i told her it's as real as you believe it is, and that i personally still absolutely believe in santa. she believes too. i think she is self-aware and knows (kids at school at this age are all too quick to call each other babies for believing in magic) but who doesn't want to keep believing? santa stops being real the minute you don't believe in him anymore. 

that old guy still fills up my stocking. ;)

Doomy234 Doomy234

Two years ago my nephew started getting suspicious, asking all sorts of questions. Why is santa at the mall AND standing outside Walmart? How come I have to tell YOU what I want but "Santa" brings it? Why are some presents from you and some from Santa? And (I think this was the question that made him really realize) why does Santa use the same wrapping paper as you?

So last year we sat him down and told him the truth when he asked if Santa was real. We told him that it was just a fun part of Christmas and that we were still going to keep pretending he was real for his younger sister. He had no problem with this. He's just glad he knows the truth, but he still enjoys Christmas movies and knows that believing in Santa is just part of the magic. :)

fave82 fave82

Well common.sense sounds like she had a really fun childhood! Sheesh!!

nonmember avatar Chelsie

One thing you can do is ask him, "do you think he's real?" Let him decide whether to believe or not. Don't give him a yes or no answer.

Elizabeth Ahmad

I wasn't raised believing in Santa and I am not raising my child to believe, either.  She knows that Santa was based on Christian Saint from many years ago and he is dead.  She also knows that some people believe and she shouldn't hurt other kid's feelings by saying the truth.  No Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.  I had a wonderful holiday time even without the lies.

Kristine De Lorimier Dworkin

My oldest started getting suspicious around 6 years old.  She also insisted that we help Santa out by leaving out an assortment of veggies rather than cookies!!  She was concerned about his cholesterol!!

She is 11 now and is a card carrying member of the "Keep the Spirit Alive Club."  We inducted her last year, telling her that Santa is part of the magic and fun of Christmas and helpers are needed to keep that spirit alive.  She was actually relieved because trying to figure out how the heck that big guy got down the chimney really had her puzzled!!

ethan... ethans_momma06

I'm one of those people who doesn't do the fake Santa bit. I actually wrote a blog on how it is for my children to not believe the story (Santa Is Dead) but the thing that I really want to convey to others is just that there is SO MUCH MORE to Christmas Magic than Santa. And Christmas can still be wonderful and magical once they no longer believe.

It helps a lot though, for the parents to feel like that when the time comes though.

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