Man Caught Mocking Disabled Girl Gets Sent to the Slammer (VIDEO)

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William BaileySometimes there is justice in the world, and in this case it's pretty sweet. Last month we were outraged when 43-year-old William Bailey was caught on camera making fun of his 10-year-old neighbor, Hope Holcomb-Knight, who has cerebral palsy.

He was seen -- with his 9-year-old son at his side -- mocking the girl and imitating her limp as she watched. It's hard to believe that someone could be so cruel and that they would teach such behavior to a child, but there he was doing it.

It could have stopped there, with us all chalking it up to another asshole in the world. You can't really lock people up for being mean and ignorant. Or can you? 

After that incident, which appears to be a culmination of tension between the two families for years, the Knight family filed a criminal complaint, and yesterday the judge ruled.

William Bailey is going to jail!

The sentencing was complicated and included another incident in which Bailey threatened Hope's mothers, swinging a tow chain on his porch saying he would choke her until she "stopped twitching," but the end result is he's going to the slammer for 29 days. Apparently he got credit for one day, so he avoided the maximum 30 for the reduced misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing. He also has to pay $400 in court costs and some other fees.

Of course that's only the beginning of what he actually deserves, but it's great to see the court take this case of bullying so seriously. While there are some accusations that the Knight family may not have been entirely innocent in this whole feud (he claims they have taunted his son for seizures), it doesn't excuse his actions in any way, and he deserves the punishment he got.

As Jennifer Fitsimmons, the chief assistant city prosecutor for this case, told ABC, “I think when we look at cases, there’s case law out there regarding people commenting and gesturing against race and religion. But when there’s nothing out there regarding disabilities, it took me a little bit longer to come to a decision.”

And what a fantastic message this sends to our children. That bullying and calling names isn't something to be taken lightly in any case. That while you may not physically harm someone, it doesn't mean that your words can't be just as harmful. While Bailey's punishment will never take away the hurt he caused Hope, it will hopefully make people -- adults and children alike -- think more before they speak and act like idiots.



Do you think sending this man to jail is the right thing to do in this case?


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nonmember avatar blh

That's ridiculous. You should not be locked up for making fun of people. I'm not defending the guy bc he's def a pos but still

cmjaz cmjaz

I thought he was jailed for threatening mom, not bullying. ???

Stephanie L. Vidrine

Serves him right. Bullying is now against the law in some states, and punishible with jail time. It was horrible what he did, making fun of a disable CHILD. I aplaud the judge that put him there. 

nonmember avatar amanda

He got his just desserts. People like this idiot deserve jail time. There's not an excuse in this world that he or anyone else can offer up to even remotely justify his actions. Good for the courts! It's about freaking time they make a staunch statement against this crap.

MaraJ... MaraJade27

They make it SOUND like he was jailed for bullying but he was actually jailed for the death threats on the other family's mother, I'm sure. You can't go to jail for bullying. That's just the article writer's way of sucking you in, with the title.

I'm not saying what he did was right, but unfortunately we have to teach our kids there are many cruel people in this world and the sooner you learn to ignore them and not let them rent space in your head, the better off you'll be. We can't send everyone to jail that we disagree with.

Jefrey Giron

makes me want to put on my superman outfit and beat the crap out of this piece of garbage till he stops twiching lol oh man it would feel soooo goooood

nonmember avatar nicole

So, we now get jailed for making fun of people? Now, I'm in no way saying that he is right. It's actually disgusting, but none the less, jail isn't warranted.

monke... monkeymom1104

So what if the families are fighting! What kind of "man" pulls a 9 y.o child into it. Im sure his sentence had more to do with the threat to the mother, but this video im sure helped.

dirti... dirtiekittie

let me preface with: what this man did was wrong, and he's a complete and total asshat. however, general asshattery does not warrant jail time. i'm inclined to think that he was jailed for the threats against the mother, and that the video of him taunting the girl just sealed the deal, so to speak. while i certainly don't condone his actions in the slightest, i also don't agree they can be locked up for being insensitive assholes. 

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