9 Craziest Things Parents Have Done to Get Kids to Believe in Santa Claus

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9 Tricks to keep kids believing in SantaIt isn't always easy to keep the magic of Santa Claus alive. You have the television to deal with. The variety of fat guys in red suits at all the malls in America. And, of course, that little brat on the bus with the runny nose who always seems to ruin things for everyone else (and give your kids pink eye). So how do parents keep their kids believing in Santa Claus?

It must be possible considering the millions of kids across these here United States who are going to wake up on the 25th and dig into packages from St. Nick. Here at The Stir, we asked parents for some of the craziest things they've done or said to make sure their kids are still expecting a fat guy in a red suit to come down the chimney this year. Feel free to borrow them; it's our holiday gift to you!

1. I told my sons the reasons that our dogs are always barking is because they have really good eyesight, and they can see the elves peeking in our windows checking on them.

2. My parents answered my letters to Santa in different handwriting and at one point incorporated a few bits of lettering my dad had picked up from traveling in Finland.

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3. [My kids] think I'm an honorary elf and that Santa gives me a list of things to buy and wrap, and he picks them up Christmas Eve when he drops their stuff off. Last year, I had to tell them they couldn't tell anyone, including Santa, because my 10-year-old told Santa he knew I was one of his elves at a photo op, and the poor Santa looked very, very confused!

4. I tell my kids that the elves do make toys, but some of the complicated toys they import from toy companies!

5. When my kid asked, I told him, "I know we don't have a chimney, but Santa has a master key to all the doors."

6. I told the kids, "If you don't believe in Santa, all he will bring you is underwear."

7. My mom always told me if I listened really closely, I could hear the reindeer hooves on the roof on Christmas Eve. To this day, I swear I've heard them.

8. I always drop a bell in the yard each year for my son to find and tell him it fell off Santa's sleigh.

9. My son asked for a Remote Control Sheep for Christmas -- a gift which doesn’t exist. But Santa can make anything, right? So, I decided I’d make one -- I disassembled remote control trucks, ripped the insides out of stuffed sheep, and spent more hours than I’d like to admit building this thing so Santa would come through on Christmas morning!

Can you top these? What kind of crazy have you been up to so your kids will still believe in Santa?


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godde... goddess99

I think it was last year my dd was 9 and I told her after her interrogating me about Santa, if you don't believe, you don't get anything. lol she's never asked again.

Amber Theriault Kirkwood

To the parent who "invented" the remote-controlled sheep, you are AMAZING.

Beth McCormack Bernitt

Ok so # 9 wins hands down! but really I swear that one year I had to be younger than 5 as we lived someplace different. I heard a commotion on the roof and I have no idea how they made that happen...maybe dad fell down drunk ...but really no clue MAGICAL

psych... psychofab

I did something similar to #9 as a kid lol I asked for a robot pony to ride around. 

Madel... Madelaine

These are good ideas.  I may have to use some, especially the dropped bell.

nates... natesmom1228

My son stopped believing last year. He asked me and I told him the truth. When he did believe I put the magic key by the door since we don't have a fire place.

4kidz916 4kidz916

Cute ideas. 

ceciliam ceciliam

Love #9!

nonmember avatar kelbell

My girl was home when a large box was delivered. I told her that santa sent it early because it was too big for his sleigh so he sent it thru ups and that's why daddy works more during the holidays.

ethan... ethans_momma06

My kids don't believe in santa. The oldest has always known that Santa is dead. I get that it's fun to pretend, etc. and some of these are cute but some of these seem a little excessive.

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