Military Dad Surprises Daughter During Dance Class After 30 Years of Service (VIDEO)

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dad hugging daughterSurprise military homecoming stories always make me weepy, but this one that happened last week in Nevada really brought on the tears. There are just so many aspects of it that make it so special and moving.

According to Fox 5, Sgt. Maj. Ronald Morse had served in the military for 30 years. You can just imagine all of the special events he missed, and the milestones big and small that he sacrificed with his family to serve our country in those three decades. This year, he was set to miss yet another Thanksgiving as he was completing the final mission of his career -- a tour of Afghanistan with the Nevada National Guard.

When after 14 months there he got news that he was being sent home early, he and his wife started planning a big Thanksgiving surprise. 

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They didn't tell any of their four children, but rather had him walk right into to one of the regular old dance classes of his youngest daughter, Rylee Morse. There she was, dancing away, when all of a sudden you see her eyes light up and the smile flood her face. Then she runs into his arms, her siblings join in on the hugs, and it's just beautiful. You can only imagine how special their Thanksgiving was with this most unexpected but most welcome guest. 

The kids' mom, Tammy Morse, summed up perfectly why these elaborate homecomings are so moving and so embraced by military families. She told the station:

Military kids take a lot. They get all the bad, not always the good. Just to give them this gift, the excitement. It was hard to pull it off but it was good.

So very good. Watch for yourself.

Did this make you teary?

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tuffy... tuffymama


God bless the men and women who serve, and their families who support and miss them.

Karma Grant

The title of this article is kind of misleading. The impression given is that he was gone for 30 years and finally came home and surprised everyone.


Happy for his family that his time away is over. My husband is almost at his 20 mark and I can't wait for the uniform to no longer be worn but am proud of him every second.

Jamie Lechner

@Karma - Just because YOU misread into things does not mean they mislead anyone. If you know nothing about the military, that is YOUR problem.

I always cry after watching these happen but the prego hormones are making me even more emotional. I grew up in a heavily military family where someone was always overseas. This will be the first year I can remember where I do not have someone serving during the holidays to send care packages to. 

nonmember avatar anon

I love these stories, but I've got to say it sort of bothers me that the family called the news channel (the news anchors says so before cuing the story).

Karma Grant

Hey Jamie, try reading before bashing. I said " My husband is almost at his 20 mark and I can't wait for the uniform to no longer be worn but am proud of him every second." That means I am also an Army wife. My husband spent the last year in Afghanistan. But grats on trying to insult someone on the internet. Mighty awesome of you, NOT!

Jamie Lechner

Being an army wife doesn't meant you UNDERSTAND anything. You could be one of those gold diggers that bleed those poor guys dry (as too many of my friends have fallen for) with no concept of anything beyond the money coming in.
The article was in NO way misleading. If your comprehension level isn't able to understand what was written, that's on YOU, not the writer. 

quirk... quirkychic

What's wrong with you Jaime? "You could be one of those gold diggers?" Really?...sheesh that was harsh and uncalled for! The title was kinda misleading...calm down!

Karma Grant

Oh yeah, I'm a gold digger. Wow, I've never seen gold digging relationships last 16+ years but ok. I didn't say the article was misleading. I said the headline. And you talk about MY comprehension skills? I think you need to go back to school.  You're just an ass, plain and simple. 


nonmember avatar Phelpsamp

Love these kinds of story's planning one myself for my oldest son, my husband will be coming back from his fourth deployment very soon. I do not believe the title was misleading in any way. Stop worry about the dang title of the story and just be glad about the fact that her husband is now home and safe and sound.

nonmember avatar MaryBP913

I can't believe people are arguing over this article.. I am also a military wife & love watching videos like these!! I did think the title was kind of weird, it's not like he was away for the last 30 years.. Of course someone would make a fight over something so wonderful!! Glad this family is back together, I can't wait to reunite with my husband this spring & for him to be with our daughter again :)

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