Anna Nicole Smith’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Models for Guess -- Just Like Her Mom

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dannilynnJust 6 years old and there is no question that Dannielynn Birkhead has many of her mother Anna Nicole Smith's striking features. Looks like she's also mimicking her mama's career path. It was recently announced that Dannielynn is modeling for Guess, the same brand that helped make Anna Nicole a star

Only 5 months old when her mother died of an overdose in 2007, she is being raised by her father Larry Birkhead in Kentucky. For most of her life, he has kept the child out of the spotlight and understandably so. "It's kinda hard to take her places with other kids and parents because people like to take pictures and do weird things," he has said.

If he wants her to have a normal life, why in the world is he plunging her into a big, splashy ad campaign now?

As Birkhead explained on Good Morning America, "Dannielynn has always looked up to her mom's image and ... I think that this is kind of Dannielynn's way of paying tribute to her mom in her own special way." But this can't be the right direction for Dannielynn given her mom's tragic end.

To me, it always seemed that life in front of the cameras contributed more to Anna Nicole's downward spiral than anything else. I remember the sad headlines announcing Dannielynn's arrival. She came into the world just a few days before her brother Danny died of an overdose. Her mom was clearly beside herself, unable to cope with the loss. Then there was the long, public legal battle as Larry fought for custody of the child.

I feel so sorry for little Dannielynn. She didn't just lose her mother. Someday she will also have to face the sordid history surrounding her birth. According to Today, Birkhead insists that this is a onetime gig and the proceeds will be put away for Dannielynn's future. But the normal life he has so carefully crafted by keeping her away from the public eye won't be easy to maintain with her face splashed in ads all over the country.

That's not to say she wouldn't be a great model. She is an adorable little girl with a lot of personality. The commercial shoot offered a fascinating glimpse of her personality. She is frolicking on the beach, smiling at the camera, and clearly having fun. Even so, this just feels wrong. She should be encouraged to carve her own path -- and stay far away from the industry that eventually led to her mother's downfall.

Do you think Dannielynn should be encouraged to model like her mom?

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hello... hellokd87

As level-headed as her father seems (is), I think if she wants to do it then let her do it. Just make sure she maintains a healthy life, or as healthy as you can get being in the spotlight. Maybe let her do a shoot here or there, as a fun side project but not a full on career. Just because she wants to model "like her mama" doesn't mean she has to lead the same life she did.

dirti... dirtiekittie

i agree with @hellokd. larry birkhead seems to be a down-to-earth guy who is genuinely a good father that cares for his daughter. he doesn't seemt he type to just throw her in the limelight to make a quick buck, or we'd have seen a lot more of her now.

and wow, she is a beautiful little girl.

Ali Thomas

Larry Birkhead started to exploit Dannielynn back in 2007 when he sold her first pictures to OK mag. He is constantly on Access Hollywood, ET. He has no job for years, his daughter is his only source of income.Dannielynn is a lucrative commodity for her dad. He is fame obsessed person who wants media attention first through Anna Nicole and then her kid. People who praise Birkhead are either his family members or PR. Did we forget late Daniel Smith who lived in his mom's shadow of infamy? I hope Danielynn will not have the same tragedy as her mom and half brother.

Amanda Brown

it should be something she wants to do and be allowed to stop when and if she wants to stop!!!

Lori Gindlesperger

I think her dad will keep her on the right track. He loves his daughter and you can clearly see that. Why do people always say negative things about people not having a job, etc... God don't like hate and God don't like ugly. So Ali Thomas -ya better check yourself. Life's too short to think negative!

nonmember avatar Raynn

I had an aunt who died when her children were very young. My cousin has spent her whole life trying to feel some connection to the mother she never knew. She has plugged family for information, dyed her hair, chosen a similar career path and probably a host of other things I don't even know about, all to feel closer to the woman who gave her life. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Dannielynn wishing to feel a connection to her mother, and with a 7 year old daughter of my own, I can easily see how an inquisitive young mind might decide to take an approach like that. Good for her for wanting to do it, and good for her father for making sure it was a positive experience.

Rebec... Rebecca75

I think her father has done a wonderful job with her. He stepped up to the plate as her father fought to make sure she didn't end up with that shady lawyer. If she wants to model then let her. Doesn't mean she will take the same exact path as her Mom did.

Keesha Lencrerot

he can say what he wants he is doin this for money of course any agent would take her cause who her mother is. whomever wrote the article need to get it right the little girl didn't born after her brother's dead he died a couple of days after she born

Stacy Jinkins

You can't really blame Anna's stardom on her overdose. She chose that path, and there are plenty of celebrities that don't do drugs and aren't alcoholics. And you certainly shouldn't think Larry would allow her to follow in her mother's chosen path of life. If she wants to model, he should let her, and if she ever wants to stop, he should allow her to stop. Keeping her out of the public eye for this long shows he is looking out for her best interests, and he certainly doesn't want her to end up like Anna.

Lisa Kyle Rosenblatt

her brother died AFTER she was born! There are photos of Anna, Danny and Dannielynn together. Doesn't anyone do any research before they write??

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