8 Great Places to Hide Christmas Gifts From Nosy Kids

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hidden presentsThe holidays are just around the corner. And whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Festivus, you know you're running late.

Yes, you probably still need to pick up some unique gifts for those good folks on your list (might I suggest a box of Twinkies?), but that's not the biggest thing to worry about right now. You'll find something for everyone eventually. But then what?

Next to actually buying Christmas presents, the toughest assignment on your Holiday To-Do List is to hide them. Don't bother putting them on the floor of your closet. Your kids probably have a remote camera set up there already.

No. What you need is some advice on where to stash all those awesome gifts from your super nosy kids. Children have gotten loads better at snooping around (I blame Dora the Explorer), so you need to get infinitely better at hiding things. Here's a look at 8 Places to Hide the Christmas Presents From Those Nosy Kids of Yours!

  1. The Attic. It's dusty. It's scary. It might be impossible for the kids to even get up there. Just be sure to store your gifts in a big black garbage bag or two to keep the dust off!
  2. Your Underwear Drawer. No kid (especially boys) is going to want to dig through your underwear drawer. Or even worse, dad's drawer.
  3. Suitcases. Kids will never suspect this one! Whether you have small duffel bags or huge suitcases, hide as many of your gifts as you can in these travel necessities. Just make sure you're not going on any trips before the holidays!
  4. Right in Front of Their Eyes. The best hiding place is right out in the open. Well not completely. But store your gifts in crates or large boxes, and label them with boring, frightening things that will terrify your children. Grab a Sharpie and write "Math Study Guides" or "Tax Receipts 2007" on them.
  5. The Garbage. Get yourself an extra large garbage can and keep it in your garage. Put your presents in a large black garbage bag and then keep it in the can. Just be careful NOT to put that can out on Garbage Days!
  6. Under Your Bed. Put your gifts in large black garbage bags and hide them under your bed. Too obvious, you say? Okay, then add a number of decoys. Fill a handful of bags with old clothes and stick those under the bed too, surrounding the actual gifts.
  7. In the Hamper. If you have a large hamper, stick the presents at the bottom and cover with dirty clothes. Alternatively, do the same thing in your closet with a large box, but cover with a mound of old dirty clothes.
  8. Your Car. Keep what you can in the locked trunk of your car. As long as your kids don't look back there while you're out shopping, they'll never think to look there.

Where do you hide your kids' Christmas presents?

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Danelle Price

Or the garage where my 8 year old knows if off limates

Doomy234 Doomy234

I go with the obvious; the closet. But I wrap my presents as soon as I get back from the store. I always bring a canvas tote to stick the shopping bags in, so no one can see through the plastic bags to the gifts. Then I lock myself in the bedroom and if I REALLY fear peeking, I will stuff a blanket under the door. Then I wrap wrap wrap and hide them in the closet at my parents house (this is where we have our Christmas) or in the back room of our house (my stepson is not allowed to go in the backroom, as it is rather messy). The kids know that once its wrapped they've gotta wait til the big day.

Other years I have hidden them in blue plastic bins under the bed, in a stack on top of the bookshelf, or just left them in the trunk of my car.

butte... butterflyfreak

My brother and I were gift-snooping NINJAS when we were growing up! But then my mom never seemed to figure it out and kept putting the toys in the EXACT same spot every year!

nonmember avatar kaerae

As kids, we had a babysitter who taught us how to unseal/re-seal the scotch tape on presents so you couldn't see it and wouldn't tear the paper. For that reason alone, I never put my kids' presents under the tree before Christmas when they were kids!

nonmember avatar Emily

My mom always put them in the closet, wrapped. My twin brother, however, would get them out, take a paring knife, slit the tape open, unfold the paper to peek, then refold it and place a same-sized piece of new tape back over the originals that he had cut. Some kids cannot be deterred! lol

ibebr... ibebreezy

Aunties house!!!

Jodi DeMay

i keep ours in our basement because the kids arent allowed down there and I keep them in a HUGE tupperware container... so its my fail proof place because the kids arent allowed down there due to safety issues (our basement isnt finished.)

nonmember avatar nicole

I was a horrible snoop as a kid . I found the hiding spots, including underwear drawer, and mastered the unwrap/rewrap. Since my girls are still little, they're stashed in her powerwheels gift and covered with blankets. In the future, I plan to keep 2 empty Rubbermaid totes with random labels.

Deborah Lovern

EASY... I put them in a massive "Santa" bag in my closet and tell my kids to stay out. One year when they didn't, I returned EVERYTHING and we had next to no gifts (just a few smaller ones I picked up later). Now, I don't have to worry because they know I mean stay out when I say stay out. I've not had any problems since...

nonmember avatar Diana Riera

I hide mine behind the exercise equipment....because this time of year nobody uses it!

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