The Calm After the Bedtime Storm Is One of the Best Moments in Motherhood (PHOTOS)

by Angie Dornier

For as much as I really want to enjoy the rhythm and routine of my family’s daily life, there are some nights (that usually follow long days) when it’s much more difficult than others. On nights like that, every little thing feels arduous, exaggerated, and often absurd. This collection of images from mom and photographer Angie Dornier reminds me that I am not alone. But, even better, it reminds me that there can be such poignant beauty in the moments that feel difficult and drawn out, and that capturing the most authentic moments of our family life is perhaps the best and most beautiful artform there is.

Angie Dornier & family"The Evening Push" in Angie's own words:

The "I don't wanna go to bed" time. The "brush your teeth, don't splash in the tub, go potty, don't forget to wash your hands" time. The "put on your pajamas, pick up your dirty clothes, don't bother your sister" time. It's the "don't make me tell you again" time. The "deep breath because I know they're tired and we're tired too" time. It's the "please choose a short book because I have more work to do after you're asleep" time. It's not always this way, but some nights are tough. We push through with patience because we love them so much.

Angie Dornier and her amazing husband reside in Houston, Texas for the third time now. Neither of them owns cowboy boots yet, but their kids Braden (6) and Kendall (3) do. Angie teaches photography to kids and adults and shares her photos on Flickr and Instagram.


Images via Angie Dornier

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nonmember avatar Kristi

I like this segment. Just when you feel bad that you think those things....please pick a short book, please stop making me tell you to not hit your brother read that someone else does/says/thinks the same thing and realize you just might be normal. Thank you.

1ofea... 1ofeachplus

In "Stolen Moment" of the four of them on the bed, it's so telling and awesome that the photo captures the fact that the kids are STILL moving. :)

jalaz77 jalaz77

5-7 is CHAOTIC in our home, supper, clean up, baths, clean up after the bath psunami, brushing teeth appropriately, pick out clothes for the next day, books...ugh...thank god my hubby is helpful but we are worn out. 7ish pm is amazing...sometimes hubby and I will do our own thing at that time so we can relax. My husband has to do this alone 3 days a week cause I am working. He has it rough.

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