Violet Affleck Gives the Paparazzi a Proper Scolding (VIDEO)

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violet affleckEver wonder what the children of celebs think about being followed around by the paparazzi, constantly getting photographed? Well, why don't you ask Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet.

She spent an afternoon tooling around with Daddy and little sister Seraphina, and yes, there was a gaggle of photogs following them around, snappy snapping and everything. Ben took it all in stride and the girls were behaving themselves. But then he stopped to greet a friend and Violet stole her moment. She looked directly at the photographers, waved a little finger at them, and said, "Stop taking photos of us and our dad now! Get out!"

Wow, you know what this means? Ben and Jennifer are really get this parenting thing right.

That's one bold, confident kid! She's self-aware enough to know that it's not normal to be followed around by a camera crew. And she's decided it's also a violation of some sort. And she's strong enough to confront all those grown-ups. 

If you've ever seen those photographers in person, you know they're incredibly aggressive -- with each other and with stars. They'll yell, they'll crowd. They can be kind of scary! So Violet pulling an Alec Baldwin is almost like watching a little girl yell at a pack of wolves. Of course, no one is going to hurt her for being so bold. But still, it makes me think her parents are instilling a strong sense of self and a lot of social courage. I think Violet is going to turn out just fine!

Oh my goodness, this video is so cute! And now I feel all conflicted about it. She's so right -- those paps should just leave her and her sister alone. Enough with the celeb child stalking! But also? I love that this was caught on camera.

Do you think most celeb kids feel the way Violet does?


Image via Triciane Haglöff/YouTube

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paige... paige8608

This just kinda shows how retared the paparazzi & people are. Who gives a flying flip about Ben shopping w/ his kids?! All I see is a dude w/ his kids shopping. Who cares to see that? Why do people put such high value on celebrities & their children. It's ridiculous. 

Aeris... AerisKate

I agree! This is just ridiculous and almost disgusting.  He is out shopping with his kids.  There is nothing fascinating about that.  I really wish celebs would be left alone when they are out with their families.  I don't understand the value placed on pics like this either.  Yes, they are famous and all that, but I feel badly for these kids who never get a moment of peace.  They can't even walk down the street without being harassed!

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