Car Company Uses 5-Year-Olds in Bikinis as Models at Auto Show

Say What!? 12

bikini topModels in bikinis go with car shows like peas and carrots. But there was something a little odd about the bikini-clad girls at the Chutian Automobile Culture Festival in China recently. Those models? They were both 5 years old.

And to put a whole new spin on the battle over whether it's appropriate to dress a little girl in a bikini, the event's organizers have a reason for the stunt that's almost more bizarre than setting the girls out on the floor to be ogled in the first place. Nope, they weren't trying to sexualize them (or so they say).

They were trying to "encourage" them. No, really! Zhang Ping, general manager of the event’s organizers, 7-Wind Model Costume Co, said the goal of dressing 5-year-olds in bikinis and sending them out to model at the car show was to "boost their courage."

Their courage to do what, exactly? Stand in front of a bunch of grown ass people staring at them while they stood there half nekkid?

Listen, I'm not one of those moms who thinks that bikinis are such a huge problem. Technically the people who would look at a young girl in a skimpy bathing suit and be turned on are the real problem in this world.

However, I can't say bikinis for little girls are a real "solution" to anything either. If anything, they're a pain in the butt for the little girls wearing them with the top always moving off their nonexistent boobs, the bottoms falling off their non-existent hips, etc.

My real concern here is why anyone would pick "bikini" and "modeling gig" as best means to boost a child's courage. Just off the top of my head, I could think of at least five better options:

1. Superhero capes to let them play at taking over the world.

2. Superhero masks because everything is more fun when you've got a mask.

3. Books to help engage their minds and broaden their horizons.

4. Public speaking gig in front of the crowds at the show to build their confidence.

5. Teaching them something useful about the cars in the actual show ... maybe how to change the oil?

What do you think of having 5-year-old girls model in bikinis to boost their courage? What would you suggest they do instead?


Image via Walt Stoneburner/Flickr


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tuffy... tuffymama

Fucking China, man. Why are you so crazy? Jeez. Maybe too damn many people are bumping up against each. That would make me nutty.

tuffy... tuffymama

*each other

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

What the fuck? NO. The picture on the link to the news article is enough to make me get weirded out by this. 


weird... weirdkids

like this? no. however my daughter has done shoots with muscle cars fully clothed. she loves the cars so we had a few fiends from carshows with nice cars that she did a shoot with. she also did a skateboarding ad by accident.

nonmember avatar sheilah

This is really sad. Our children have it tough enough

Ildi Sk

This idea has 'pedophile' written all over it..

Elizabeth E. Fulmer

Yeah what do yall think pageant do to little girls that stupid dance show all this is bull my daughter was beautiful enough to do all that but I didn't need it to tell me so was beautiful she also was asked to model for sear catalog back then too. A two piece on children are okay but not for men to look at on cars that just don't fit right probably there are many other ways to build up their courage.


Vinta... VintageWife

OMGosh...that picture in the link was horrible. Why would someone want to whore out small children? It wasn't like she was just standing there. She was sensually posed :( I'm so sad for her.

Amyir... Amyirene74

My daughter is almost 5 and we do not even allow her to wear bikinis. I would never put my child in a situation that sexualized her. Its wrong and immoral.

Ella Vinitsky

Well if it is China then I am not surprised :(

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