Mom Turns Son's Drowning Into Triumph for Other Children

kid swimmingWanda Butts lost her only son, Josh, in a drowning accident six years ago, when he was just 16, and since then she has been working to change the world by making it her mission that every child knows how to swim. Wanda says that her son’s drowning gave her life meaning because she can now share with others the importance of knowing how to swim and the importance of knowing water safety.


Since 2007, Butts and her nonprofit, the Josh Project, have helped nearly 1,200 children, most of them minorities, learn how to swim. She has turned a tragedy into a miracle of charity and hope.

Ms. Butts has pulled herself up from the depths of every mother’s nightmare and she has made a difference in the world. Her son's death inspired her to do something about the other children in the world who may be in danger of drowning. She has become the answer to the problem.

We all have times in our lives where we are tested, moments in life where the cream rises to the surface. When we are pushed to our limits, we usually find that we are stronger than we ever thought possible. It is human nature that when pushed we bend, we do not break. The real changes are when we not only bend but we bounce back and stand taller than we once were.

What experience in your life has inspired you to change the way you are in the world?

Image via Sanctuary Photography/Flickr

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