9-Year-Old Writes Powerful Letter to Drunk Driver Who Left Her Paralyzed (VIDEO)

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Chilli VasquezLast July, 7-year-old Xitclalli "Chilli" Vasquez was on her way to the mall for a fun day with her aunt, sisters, and cousin. You can imagine the giggly anticipation as they chattered on their way to get their hair and nails done. Then suddenly, with no warning, a car driven by 21-year-old Jeremy Solis slammed head-on into their car, and left Chilli paralyzed from the chest down, changing her life forever.

It wasn't just an accident either. Solis was drunk. According to the Star-Telegram, his blood alcohol level was 0.23, which is about three times the legal limit.

Since then Chilli and her family have been through unthinkable hardship and suffering, and last week Chilli got to tell Solis just what it has been like, and how his actions have affected her. On the day of his sentencing, her mother read a powerful letter from the now 9-year-old that brought the court to tears. It will move you too.

In the hand-written letter Chilli wrote:

There were times that I would cry and cry ... in therapy they showed me how to lift myself and dress myself. But right now it's still very hard. My mom does a lot for me but I try myself. There are days that I cry cause I can't do what I used to. Well, I could keep going but my hand is getting tired. I would like you to meet me and my family ... there are days that are bad because I have a hard time getting around ... Look at what I said and the words I said and tell me how I look and feel. How do you feel today? Do you remember July 9th?

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Talk about a sobering message. It's stories like this that chill me to the bone as a parent. How in one second your child's future is forever changed, and there's nothing you can do about it. But it's one everyone should hear, especially as we enter the holiday season where libations flow. That drink just isn't worth it when you think about children like Chilli whose lives will never be the same.

As tragic as this story is, however, Chilli's resilience is amazing. The smiles, optimism, and strength she has in the face of it all is incredible. Her two greatest hopes -- that she'll walk again one day, and that Solis, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, will say he's sorry. I hope both come true for her.

The family is also in need of help, as their medical bills currently total $1.6 million. Donations are being accepted, and if you're interested in helping, you can contact the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office at mjmcdonald@tarrantcounty.com.


Did this girl's letter move you?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh wow. Got years reading this. I am an ER nurse and its things like this that just break my heart. Try taking care of the victim in one room and the suspect in the other. So hard. This note should be circulated at the bars and high schools to make people think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

MamaH... MamaHasWings

What a brave, beautiful little girl. I hope this tore the heart of this man into a million pieces and that it hurts him every second of the rest of his life.

grnsm... grnsmomma

I cannot imagine being that young and living through something so horrific.  My grandma was hit and paralyzed from the neck down, and the person who hit her didn't even get her license taken away.  She went on a school trip to another state the morning after.  She went on to marry a sheriff and has a few kids.  I know how I still feel about that person even though my grandma lead a full life, so I hope that this little girl can find forgiveness one day to move on with her life.

nonmember avatar Dana

To say it wasn't an "accident" is ignorant. He didn't intentially paralyze the girl, not that I'm saying driving drunk is acceptable. He was so inebriated..he made bad choices and this poor little girl has to suffer. But it was an accident, one that he will hopefully NEVER make again, one that should have never happened to begin with, yet still an accident/tragedy. It is so sad that this girl has to live the rest of her long life like this, I wish her and her family the best. So so sad

lucky3x lucky3x

No, Dana, it was not an accident. He chose to become inebriated, he chose to get into a vehicle and drive. These were intentional acts.

Carrie Nickoli

I believe she was saying that he didn't intentionally hurt the girl.  He didn't intentionally get into an accident.  What was intentional were the things you mentioned, however, the accident was just an effect of those intentional acts.  He got a pretty hefty sentence for what he did and I'm sure he can spend those 10 years rethinking about his actions and what he could have and should have done differently that day. 

Amelia Marie Montoya

There should be 0 tolerance for drunk driving he should be charged with attempted vehicular Homicide and if they kill someone it should be charged as homicide that would make these scums think twice.

Lorrie Carpenter-Seabury

I am so sorry Chili that has happend to you. You are such a brave little girl. I hope and pray, one day, that you are blessed to be able to walk again. You have the strength within you, either way, to live and go -on living happily. That man, whom hit you, should have gotten many, many more years in prison for what he has done to you and your family - and I hope he does, somehow, get more time added to his sentence. Ten years is not enough.  Your letter was awesome, you should be so proud of yourself. Meanwhile, you gain your strength, pray and stay as sweet as ever, study hard in school, and above all else - have fun being a kid. The world is with YOU  <3

nonmember avatar Heidi Jones

I am so sorry that someone was so stupid to drive drunk and hit your families car. I hope you get better everyday and may god bless you and your family.

muneca50 muneca50

God bless you mamita! I hope nd pray that you will walk again. Kfeel in my heart nd have faith that up re a strong gurl nd have ur family support keep up the therapy that up will walk . You have to believe nd pray ok sweety. God is good nd that guy should of know oi wnw better not to drink nd drive. I have notices he is young nd for the rest of his natural life he will regret it. Take care honey

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