10 Fun & Easy Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy While You Cook

turkey handprintsOMG. How hard is it to keep the kids busy and happy on Thanksgiving day when you're trying to prepare a scrumptious meal (for God knows how many people) in the kitchen? It doesn't matter how many toys, games, video games, TV shows, and so on and so forth are in your house; kids just can't seem to resist running into the kitchen with incessant requests -- without any consideration for the mashed potatoes that are burning on the stove.

Unless they have enough distractions going on to keep them occupied, odds are good that they're going to interrupt you while you're cooking on several occasions during any given hour of the day. And that's why it's super important to have plenty of fun crafts planned to keep them busy so you can hopefully manage to produce a Thanksgiving feast that no one will complain about.


Here are some great ideas for easy and fun crafts to keep the kids busy while you're sipping on wine brining the turkey and putting the green bean casserole together.

Pom Pom Turkeys -- These little guys are way too cute, and kids will love putting them together to add a little Thanksgiving flair to the dinner table.

Turkey Handprints -- All you need is some finger paint and a few paper plates to make Thanksgiving turkeys out of your kids' handprints. They'll love getting a little messy, and you'll have a treasured memory of how small their little hands once were for years to come.

Leaf Place Settings -- Pick up some colorful fake leaves and have your kids decorate place settings for each of your guests. They'll stay busy, and your table will look great.

Grateful Garland -- I'm sure you have plenty of construction paper in your house already, so draw some leaves for the kids to cut out, and then have them write what they are thankful for on each leaf. When they are done, add the leaves to some string for a decoration full of gratefulness.

Pilgrim Hats -- Give the kids something fun to wear during dinner by having each one of them make a pilgrim hat to wear. (Again, just a little construction paper, scissors, and glue are all you need.)

Thanksgiving Necklaces -- Little girls will especially love turning colorful dry pasta into fun necklaces to wear, and they'll probably enjoy making one for you too!

Coloring Pages -- No need to get too creative if you're not that kind of mom. Simply print out a bunch of Thanksgiving coloring pages for your kids, and then adorn the fridge with their creations after they're done.

Mayflower Model -- Sometimes the journey the pilgrims took gets overshadowed by the turkey, so have your kids make a replica of the Mayflower to learn about the voyage.

Feather Place Mats -- Such a fun and easy way to dress up your table! And you'll only need three supplies, which is a huge plus.

Gobble Apples -- Using fruits, snacks, and marshmallows, make these fun and festive treats. Your kids will love creating them as much as eating them!

Do you have any other fun Thanksgiving craft ideas?


Image via Silly Eagle Books/Flickr

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