Hottest Holiday Toys Put to the Test by Real Kids (PHOTOS)

kids Christmas giftGet ready, get set, the hunt for the hot holiday toys of 2012 is on, Moms and Dads. Whether you're Black Friday shopping (good luck!) or hoping to get it all done online this year, chances are your kid has asked for something that made one of the "must buy" toy lists. But is it worth spending the cash or are you going to spend hours going from store to store to find that one toy only to have your kid abandon it 20 minutes after opening?

Sadly, there are no guarantees. But here at The Stir, we have the next best thing. We gathered 10 of the hottest toys of the various 2012 holiday toys, from the Wii U to the Furby. Then we gathered a group of real kids and let them loose with the whole pile. We wanted to know what they really thought. Are these toys worth the hunt? Are they worth the price?


We gathered one 3-year-old boy, one 5-year-old boy, two 7-year-old girls, one 7-year-old boy, and a 12-year-old girl. The products were all procured as samples from the manufacturers, and presented to the kids as is. Parents helped only in getting them out of boxes and/or with any set-up that required an adult's touch. They were asked questions about what they thought, but they weren't coached.

Remember, these are the honest opinions of the parents and the kids. The children were allowed to keep the toys they liked, but to protect the integrity of the test, they were not informed of this until after the entire test was over.

So here's what happened with all 10 of them!

Which toys on this list are your kids most excited about?


Image via Jeanne Sager

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