11-Year-Old's Letter Explaining Autism Is a Must-Hear for Everyone (VIDEO)

jonathan wilson

Just because they are kids doesn't mean they can't show us a thing or two. Take Jonathan Wilson, for instance. The 11-year-old wrote a poignant letter describing what it is like to be an autistic kid, and his words will touch, inspire, and teach you something you probably didn't know. It's too wonderful to miss!


The letter entitled "Autism" was submitted to The Huffington Post by his mom Lisa for the site's Cute Kid Notes project. She said Jonathon, who has ADHD and Tourette syndrome as well, wrote each word himself and had a friend help record the video. As he reads the note in the video, you can clearly see the physical tics that are characteristic of the disorder. He explains, "You can't catch it, it's not a germ! There are many symptoms like can't talk, tics, or involuntary movements."

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He ends it by urging parents not to panic if their child has it, but rather ask for help. It takes a very brave child to stand up for himself and for others. I don't know Jonathan but this video and letter made me very proud of him and you will be too.

Are you inspired by Jonathan's note?

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