Young Boy Abandoned as Baby Is Reunited With the Firefighter Who Saved Him

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Making the decision to give up your child is never an easy one -- and surely dropping off your newborn infant somewhere because you realize you can't care for it or don't want it can never really be considered a totally "right" decision. But, let's face it, it is going to happen sometimes -- and when it does, it's much preferable that a mother drop off her infant at a safe haven. There are alternatives that happen all of the time that are just too horrible to think about. Most states have safe haven laws that allow for a mother to drop off her baby at a place like a hospital or fire station without penalty.

Ten years ago, one mom made the decision to leave her newborn in front of a fire station. Neither the fireman who found the boy nor the boy himself ever forgot that moment. When the two of them are reunited, you're going to break out the the tissues, I promise.

Ten years ago, firefighter Wesley Keck was in his Texas firehouse on a cold winter morning when he caught sight of something that made him do a double-take -- a baby carrier outside of the station. Keck raced out and found a baby asleep in his carriage.

Keck told his colleagues someone had left them "a gift" and then cradled the sleeping infant, whom he doesn't remember crying at all. The boy was eventually adopted by Rebecca Quintanilla, who has five other adopted children. She named him Koregan.

She says Koregan always knew he was adopted, and loved to watch the TV news clips of him being found at the firehouse as a baby. When his teacher asked the class where each of them would dream of going, Koregan answered the firehouse where he was found. He called it "my fire station." So his mom decided to grant his wish for his birthday. She tracked down Keck and planned a reunion.

The pictures of the burly firefighter and the handsome little man hugging each other will bring happy tears to your eyes. Rebecca says her son is "a good kid, shy, kind, and always giving things away to people." She believes he got these traits from Keck -- even though they only spent a few hours together.

And maybe he got some of those traits from his biological mother. She gave away something precious for reasons only she can know -- but she did it in the right way.

What do you think of safe haven laws?


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GlowW... GlowWorm889

I think safe haven laws are great, and I wish they would put out more awareness about them. Us here on The Stir see articles about them every few weeks and assume that it's well-known that you can drop off an infant in a local hospital, fire station, police station, and in some states, even a place of worship without legal recourse, but that isn't always the case. And we all know what can happen to a baby when a mother panics and wants to get rid of it.

I do, however, wonder about the backstory in this particular case. The picture of Koregan as a baby on the original article shows an infant well bundled in a nice car seat. He's dressed well and had a blanket over him; there's even a rolled up blanket to keep his head from lolling back and forth. This is not a baby left in a box or screaming in the freezing cold. The mother (or someone else) obviously cared enough about him to make sure he had somewhere safe to sit and was warm. I just wonder what happened to make the mother or family want to give him up? I'm just curious that way, even though it doesn't matter now and the story had a happy ending. :)

Jessica Owens Loyd

As a birth mother who placed a child for adoption 7 years ago, I know all too well the feeling of inadequacy a mom feels that urges her to make this choice. We don't know who this brave, courageous, and loving mother is but I pray her life is blessed and that she knows she did the right thing. Whether you choose a safe haven or go through the full adoption process, it takes guts and selflessness to do what she did and I commend her for it. 

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