Teacher Punishes 'Bad' Readers By Letting Classmates Draw on Their Faces

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markersThere's nothing like an innovative teacher to get kids motivated. But there's innovating. Then there's telling kids that if they don't reach their goals in reading they will be subjected to humiliation as their classmates use markers to draw all over their faces.

The kids were given a second option: lose out on recess. Think that sounds crazy? Just wait until you hear what the parents thought of this little teaching trick at the Cassia School District in Idaho.

Some of them are actually defending the teacher! One mom went so far as to say:

I'm one of many parents who stand by the teacher's methods and what she does. We think she's a wonderful teacher and we want to see her stay at Declo for many years to come.

I dare say she's picked the wrong horse in the race.

What happened to standing up for our kids? We send them to school so they can learn, not so a teacher can create a system where students are being encouraged to belittle their classmates. Can you say bullies in the making?

Whether these kids met their reading goals or not, the other kids shouldn't have been involved with their punishment. It's too easy for that to turn into a torture session.

I'm all for teachers thinking outside of the box to help kids learn. My daughter has had fabulous teachers thus far, all of whom have done things I never would have thought of to encourage her to take another step down the educational path. That's why they're the teachers, and I am the mother.

But not being up on teaching techniques doesn't make me a ninny. I still know what's right and wrong, and it's my job to call a teacher on the mat if she screws up. It's all of our jobs as parents.

What would you have done if your kid was the one being drawn on? Have you had to step in when a teacher's lesson has gone wrong?


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Ceilidh Lyn Simmons

Get a grip this is not bullying  I think it back fired on the teacher. These students are given two options the logical one is just missing recess. The children that CHOSE to have their faces drawn on do not really care they just wash it off then go out for recess. I see what the teacher is trying to do she wants the children to have more involvement in their learning to actually care about it.

mellynnf mellynnf

My kids go to this school. I have a fourth grader, though he is not in this class. The kids were required to leave it on all day and then were allowed to wash it off before going home. From what I understand they had trouble washing it off.  My sons friend was one of the kids drawn on and they didn't anticipate being made fun of all day. Especially by the older kids on the bus.

Todd Vrancic

I think the kids who were drawn on should be allowed to draw on the teacher's face, so she can see what it's like.

Estel... EstellaHavisham

I kind of want to draw on the faces of all those who don't reach my reading goals. A new wave of Hester Prynnes would be EVERYWHERE. An "R" in cherry scented marker scrawled upon their faces. 

nonmember avatar Melissa schluer

Knowing that this actually happened made me cringe. It made me feel embarrassed that the teacher actually thought this was a good idea. There are some major problems in this world.

nonmember avatar Gretta

What??? This makes my heart sink. are there really teachers this bad?

tuffy... tuffymama

This is a BIZARRE punishment, and even more bizarre motivation tactic. If I ever lose my privilege of homeschooling for some reason, I will feel compelled to visit the school every day. Between what happened to me, my brother and my oldest in school, and what I read in the news EVERY DAY, I will NEVER feel secure about sending a kid to school. Ever.

power... powertothekids

wth how about POSITIVE reinforcement and being nice i once had a mean KINDERGARTEN TEACHER she hatehd hugs and things like that

Nolanzo Nolanzo

This is just so over-the-top inappropriate it's disturbing. Score one for home-school!

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Some kids (adults too) are dyslexic, are better at math than reading, etc.  My son is intelligent, but had a really hard time learning to read.  I pulled him out of first grade, and for the rest of grade school we worked on reading for half or more of his school day--the one I tailored for him.  Now, in the the 8th grade, and back in public school, his reading is at his grade level.  How dare someone punish children for something they most likely have no control over.  We all learn at different rates.  Some need more time and help to learn to read.  Some are dyslexic, etc.  How would she like someone to write on her face if she didn't do well on her driver's exam, a test for teachers, or something else along those lines.  Nasty, nasty bitch.

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