'Breaking Dawn 2' May Be Too Intense for Sensitive Tweens (SPOILERS)

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breaking dawn 2Your tween has been nagging you for months, perhaps ever since the credits rolled down the screen from the first Breaking Dawn movie. Your kid wants to see Breaking Dawn 2 -- desperately! So the big question is, can she (or he) handle it? You've heard about the "hot" vampire sex, and the heads rolling. Maybe you've read the book, too, so you know what's coming. Is Breaking Dawn 2 safe enough for, say, a 10-year-old?

Well ... that depends on many things. I think the movie might be too disturbing for very sensitive viewers. You should definitely be more concerned about the violence than the sex, I can say that much above the jump. For more, keep reading. But be warned: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Because moms like to be surprised, too, I'm warning you once again: SPOILERS! I have to get a little specific so you have all the information you need to make your decision.

So. In the book you know what happens, right? There's an epic battle. Even before that battle scene (which is something else, but I'll get to that), there's another violent scene where we see a child with a bloodied face -- bloodied because he's been attacking humans. That child is destroyed, thankfully outside the frame. But his mother, after screaming and pleading, is torn to bits. And you actually do see her head and arms get ripped off her body before everything is thrown onto a bonfire.

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But that's just a taste for what's to come. In the epic battle scene you'll see the same thing over and over again -- this is how you kill a vampire, after all. I counted 12 heads getting ripped off bodies. All of it violent, but quick. It's almost cartoonish, which on one hand is a mercy, but on the other hand kind of desensitizes the viewer to the violence.

Not only that, characters we've become emotionally invested in -- over a whole series of movies -- are killed abruptly. And now for the SPOILER TO END ALL SPOILERS STOP READING HERE IF YOU DON'T WANT ANY MORE. The story doesn't end with these deaths. Let's just say ... things are not as they appear. So while your child may leave the theater weeping because the series has come to an end or out of utter sentimentality over Bella and Edward's beautiful love story, it won't be because some of their favorite characters met a horrible end.

As for the sex, well, I think there's less to worry about there. There's just one sex scene (and remember, these two are married). Edward rips off Bella's shirt, but you see this from behind so that her back is exposed. There's implied nudity, but mostly it's all just soulful gazing and kissing and soft-focus, bare-shouldered romance. There are plenty of references to Bella and Edward (and Alice and Jasper) REALLY liking sex and being extra-passionate lovers, but none of that is lewd and, really, isn't that healthy in a long-term relationship? Even if it's not realistic. If anything, you may want to have a talk after the movie about how truly rare it is to keep passion alive for decades, let alone for centuries.

For more information check out Common Sense Media's review of Breaking Dawn 2

Are you planning to take your kids to see Breaking Dawn 2?


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jmama... jmama0307

I can't wait for 12pm today I am seeing the first showing. No I am going while my son is at school. 

kelti... kelticmom

I want to point out that the vampires are made of "stone", so even though they do get ripped apart, there is no blood and guts, it's like breaking apart a statue. Much like it was in New Moon.

KAV1970 KAV1970

So what happened to the "spoiler to end all spoilers" - didn't see any good info. there. Thanks for nothing.

nonmember avatar sarah

does anyone else remember an epic balle in the book? from what i remember is irina getting killed for false testimony and bella sheilding her group from jane and her brother but no fighting. as far as i'm concerned the "battle" is what strays from the book.

purpl... purpleflower514

My 5 and 7 year old have a thing for Bella so I might take them to see it. If they can make it through that horrible scene when Bella gives birth I think they can handle part 2.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

Having read the book series and with not being sure just how they were going to adapt it to the big screen, what they were going to leave in,how graphic they would make things,etc., lead me to the decision that regardless of whether in book or movie form, the story-line and scenes in the story-line are not appropriate for younger viewers. The series was written for teens, not kids and has more adult themes in it than I am comfortable with my non-teen children seeing.I don't keep my kids in a bubble but I DO think it's important to keep things as age appropriate as you can while seeing to the needs/levels/differences and adapting yourself to/for/of each individual kid. (for ex., one 10 yr. old might be mature enough for it but many are not.each kid is different so you parent each kid differently) But that's just my opinion...    :)

Stephanie Dickie

apparently the author only watched bits and pieces of the movie and missed sections in the book. because why yes there is a battle no one really dies Alics showe Airo a vision of what would happen if there is a battle. The talks about the hot Vamp sex are between Emmet and Bella. not jasper and alice. Irina is the only one who dies because they found what she had said to ne false. ill end there before i ruin it anymore for people who have not read or seen the movies

nonmember avatar Diana

@stephanie Dickie the hot vamp sex they spoke of was actually between Emmett and Rosalie. And Irina is the only one that REALLY dies. However, while watching the movie, you do not know that the other deaths aren't real until later. For me, it was very sad and hard to watch. I was shocked when the battle first began.

Elle Carson

Call me a prude, but my girls won't be seeing PG-13...till they're 13. Nothing wrong with the attempt to keep them innocent.

sdgd21 sdgd21

it's not for kids IMO

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