Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Let Kids Run Wild in a Restaurant

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Looks like the Brangelina brood is one wild bunch. Visiting Brad Pitt's hometown of Springfield, Missouri, the family hit Arris' Pizza and the kids were out of control, according to a witness.

The eatery closed its doors to all other customers so that Brad, Angelina Jolie, and kids Maddox, 11, Pax, 8, Zahara, 7, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 4, could dine in peace -- sort of. They may not have had to fend off autograph seekers, but it wasn't anything resembling a nice, calm, family meal.

"The place shuts down for the entire night and the kids raise a ruckus," a source told Us Weekly. "They jump on tables and even throw food at each other!" There were no nannies in sight. Mom and dad "let the kids enjoy themselves," added the witness. "Brad and Angelina just sit there and talk to one another while the children run around in circles!"

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Kids have a lot of energy and they need to let loose. So I am all for letting little ones run wild once in awhile -- at a playground or park. Letting them jump on tables and throw food in a restaurant is not a good idea. It sends the wrong message. No child is an angel all the time, of course, but early on they need to know there are times they can go crazy, get dirty, and throw stuff around. But there are certain places they are expected to always behave -- restaurants, churches, stores with anything glass on the shelves.

They also need to understand that their behavior has consequences that affect other people. I imagine that the Arris staff had to work overtime to clean up that mess after the family left. Kids need rules, especially when it comes to how they act in public. It teaches them to respect not only the environment they are in, but all those who share it with them.

Do you think Brad and Angelina should have made their kids behave calmer at the pizza parlor?


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Maevelyn Maevelyn

I imagine the staff was well compensated both that night and from the following buzz, plus there wasn't anyone else there to bother. 

Autum... Autumnjean26

I've also heard they had an extremely large bed made special for them so that they can all sleep together as a family. It sounds to me like they are doing NOTHING to teach their children boundaries.

Flori... Floridamom96

Oh, mind you're own business.

kelti... kelticmom

And why is it anyone's effing business how they choose to raise their kids?????

nonmember avatar Katie

Well, at least they had the decency to shut the place down before trashing it. I feel sort of bad for these kids, though, because they have famous parents they can't even take them out for dinner without causing a scene.

Jorie21 Jorie21

Normally I'd be on board with the whole "law down the law" but I feel as if this was a chance for the kids to let off some steam. I can't imagine globe trotting with my parents and 5 siblings all the time! Sometimes kids have to let go and destress. I think they're good parents and a lot of parents allow their kids to have water baloon fights, food fights, etc. It's fun and releases engergy and tension. Given it was in a public restaurant but they did shut it down and I am sure they paid out the ass for the mess. I think it's easier to judge others than try to understand. SMH.

nonmember avatar aughra

All the other stories I've heard of the kids indicate that they are usually polite and well-mannered kids. I don't know Arris' Pizza, but if the parents bought out the privacy of a Chucky Cheez for the evening so the kids could eat pizza and play, what's the problem? By many accounts, Brad and Angelina are VERY generous with their tips. I'm sure there were times when my parents wished they could buy an evening for our family of 8--we would have been just as wild!

Elle Carson

Always makes me laugh that none of their full time nannies are in paparazzi shots. "Take a hike nanny, time to look like a polished, non stressed mommy of 6." From what I've read, they have 3-4 full time nannies at all times, especially traveling.

Martha Vance

I would imagine that they are seldom around enough to be effective role models and parent figures. Children love their parents and if they have to compete with other children for the attention of parents that are seldom around it can get very hairy. Yes, they should have made their children behave respectfully to both the restaurant and the staff, but most importantly to them. The children clearly haven't learned to respect their parents or they would have behaved kindly so that their parents would give them the attention they crave.

Brayl... Braylen1215

Nothing was wrong with that. No one's dinner was interrupted & the kids enjoyed themselves. Pretty sure they left a HEFTY tip for anything the kids did. Hell, I've seen regular kids act a fool in restaurants & the parents don't even leave a tip or care who's dinner they interrupted with their bad ass kids.

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