Mom Demands Trees at School Be Cut Down for Kids With Nut Allergies

acornsThere's a reputation that parents of kids with nut allergies have for being demanding. It's generally pretty unfair for the Moms and Dads who are just trying to protect their kids. But then there are parents like this one: a mom is on a crusade to have the oak trees around an elementary school removed because they drop, gasp, acorns

Apparently making schools nut-free facilities isn't enough! We now have to fear school-aged children munching on yard debris.


Or, you know, we could just teach our kids not to eat things off the ground ... ? I know, I know, I'm expecting so much out of children who are old enough to wipe their own butts and zip their own pants!

Donna Giustizia, who has two kids with nut allergies, including one who attends St. Stephen Catholic Elementary School, started this wacky anti-tree campaign. She insisted to a local newspaper:

I’m not a crazy mom, I’m not asking for anything that’s not already there.

Ladies and gentleman, if you have to preface your statements with "I'm not a crazy mom," it's time to back up and re-evaluate. You probably are kind of crazy.

I am not saying that nut allergies don't exist. They are a very real and very scary thing for some families. But there's a certain amount of responsibility that comes with raising a child with an allergy. My daughter's 7-year-old friend very readily tells you that she cannot have anything with red dye 40 in it because her parents have a lick of sense and taught their daughter to be careful of what she eats.

Oak trees around a school are not akin to peanut butter sandwiches sniffed by a kid in the cafeteria. Acorns are not a risk to kids with nut allergies unless they are ingested. It's up to parents to instill a little sense in their kids, and that includes not picking something up off the playground and popping it in their mouth.

Then again, if your kid thinks eating acorns is acceptable behavior, the nut allergy may be the least of your problems ...

Do you have a child with a food allergy? Do you think this mom is crossing the line?


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