Young Boy Battles Ferocious Pit Bulls to Save Little Sister

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dog attack siblingsThere is just something about siblings. Little 11-year-old Maleik Carr and his 5-year-old sister Jalia are obviously close, so when a pit bull that was loose set upon the little girl, it was her big, brave brother who came to save the day. I just love stories like this. 

Maleik and Jalia were crossing a yard when the two dogs came barreling toward them. In order to save his sister, Maleik bore the brunt of the attack and fought the vicious animals off with her chair. It was a harrowing moment for the siblings and also for their parents later.

See below:

As any parent of more than one child knows, bickering is a way of life for siblings. My kids can fight over the dumbest things in the world. "This is my window!" my 5-year-old daughter will shout at her brother if his little eyes happen to look across her shoulder out her window in the car.

I spend a lot of time sorting their arguments and telling them that things are just NOT that big of a deal. But when they are close, they are SO close. It's a bond like no other. My two kids would absolutely fight a bear for one another. They're just that in love.

Sibling love is a strange thing and it can't be bought. It's complicated and sometimes fraught and very often doesn't look like what you think "love" should. But when push comes to shove, most of the time, family has your back.

Little Jalia will not forget what her big brother did for her. And neither should any of us parents reading these stories. They are inspiring and sweet and they say a lot about the people in them. But they also encourage parents of more than one child to nurture that closeness, to foster that bond.

Sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. What a heroic boy and a sweet, sweet story.

Would your kids fight for one another like this?




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Shock... Shockerchik

and here we go again...another story about "viscious pit bulls".......if the story isn't about the dog itself or the breed-then why mention what it is? all you do is give the dog a bad rap...I was attacked by a little weiner dog when I was 12 and had my ankles nearly chewed off...had tons of stitches. But does that make the news? of course not

Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

Shockerchik I was gonna say the same thing. My brother has a pit pure breed and a 6mnt old and his dog is the sweetest most gentle dog ever. With all kids and adults. Great dog! Pits are super loyal too.

Billie Jo Evans

This story is about 2 vicious dogs who weren't properly restrained and they attacked 2 children. I didn't even read the article, I watched the news video. Why didn't anyone comment on how terrible it was those children were attacked? Did you see all those stitches in the boy's legs?? What if they DID get a hold of that little gir? SHE WOULDN'T BE ALIVE! And they mentioned the breed because pit bulls can lock their jaws making it almost impossible to release anything in their jaws, quit being ignorant people. This children could have died because these dogs were not properly trained. You were attacked by a weiner dog? Big deal, you have a much bigger chance of DYING being attacked by a pit bull who isn't friendly than a weiner dog. I'm thankful these children are alright, but I'm ungrateful people have to read comments like the ones before mine.

Tashinha Tashinha

i cannot wait to see all the uneducated anti pitbull commenters on here.

fave82 fave82

FYI, according to every other article I've seen on this- including the article that you linked.. the boy is 11, not 7.

Tashinha Tashinha

and the boy is actually 11. the link you posted even says it.

nonmember avatar singer825

I was about to say, that's the oldest looking 7 year old I've ever seen. 11 makes much more sense.

And btw, who cares if the dogs were pitbulls? I'm pretty sure the story we should be focusing on here is how awesome that boy is for protecting his sister. Did you see his poor little legs? What a little hero. So let's focus on him instead of using this as a PSA against pitbulls. OR use it as a PSA for advocating locking up dogs properly and getting them trained.

MsRkg MsRkg

@Shockerchik- agree completely.

@Billy Jo Evans-  a pit bull cannot lock their jaw- that is a myth, fueled by haters against pits. There is no "locking mechanism" and their jaw is the same as every other breed.Please educate yourself on the breed before you make assumptions about them or repeat lies.

happy... happymama2D

I do think the breed of dog is relevant here. If 2 toy poodles attacked, I highly doubt the outcome would be the same. I also don't hate pits, I own a German Shepherd so I love powerful breeds, but a responsibility comes with owning one.

worms... wormspoop

Hey Billie Jo, the whole lock jaw thing is a myth, look it up. Here's just one link with pit bull myths....

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