6 Good Reasons to Skip Overscheduling Your Kid (PHOTOS)

Big Kid

by Kristin Zecchinelli

In the era of the "overscheduled child," it’s refreshing to be reminded of how simple life can be when we allow for it. These images by photographer and mom Kristin Zecchinelli make me nostalgic for the days when every minute wasn’t filled with play dates, soccer games, music lessons, and dance recitals. Free time is becoming less and less free as my kids get older, but these images encourage me to slow us all down a bit and build in some time for nothing but simple “childish” pleasures.

Kristin Zecchinelli and family

"Afterschool Life" in Kristin's words:

"Winter's come early and last long here in New England. As long as we have warmth and daylight, we head outside after school and make our own fun. These are those moments."

Kristin Zecchinelli, Maine Momma, is a photographer momma living on the coast of Maine with her family.

Do your kids have lots of free time for play or do you find your family overscheduled?

Photos via Kristin Zecchinelli

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