Model Mom Poses Naked in Ad With Bare-Chested 4-Year-old Daughter (PHOTO)

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Alessandra Ambrosio DaughterAlessandra Ambrosio is one gutsy mama. The Brazilian model (you probably know her as the face of Victoria's Secret PINK?) took her young daughter Anja to work with her recently and let photographers for a London Fog campaign shoot photos of the little girl. Bare-chested photos!

Now let me throw a disclaimer out right away. I'm not accusing anyone of kiddie porn here. I'm not even saying we've got a case of bad parenting -- video of the shoot shows a little girl absolutely delighted to be working with Mommy. The photos aren't even straight on, so the girl's chest area is covered by Alessandra's own.

But there's a fine line between the days when it's OK for a little girl to run around without a shirt on and the day it very suddenly becomes "inappropriate."

Looking at the photos of Alessandra and Anja, I'm inclined to say the girl is "young enough," that this ad image is "OK" to be out there in magazines where everyone is going to see it. But what is young enough? Or, for that matter, what is old enough for a girl to stop being shirtless in public?

Is it 5? Is it 7? Is it when a girl is actually developed enough to need a bra?

It's a struggle that's been ongoing in my house. Like Alessandra, I have a little girl. And like little Anja, my daughter has no problem going bare-chested. Or bare everything else for that matter.

I'm stuck between being relieved that I'm raising a little girl who is comfortable in her own skin and unease over how to raise a little girl who fits within basic societal norms. That word appropriate just keeps hitting me over the head. What is appropriate? Should I even care?

I still remember the first time my mother told me I'd have to wear a shirt while my younger brother went without. I was confused. I thought I'd done something wrong. I felt betrayed by my body.

I don't want to do that to my daughter. I don't want her to feel like there's something wrong with her. I don't want her to feel ashamed of herself.

And yet, there comes that moment when it will simply have to happen, when a photo like the one we'll soon see of little Anja all over the magazines will be a problem. One day she will have to keep her shirt on, and that will be that. I just don't know when.

What do you think is the right age? Is Alessandra's daughter below your cut-off or above?


Image via London Fog

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Sarah Williams

I grew up in europe. It is not uncommon to see children at public swimming pools nude-to about age 5. Little girls and women do not always wear swim suit tops. I see no problem with it.

nonmember avatar Susan

I think the photo is beautiful...however I think it's strange they are advertising for London Fog but not wearing any clothes!

Angie... AngieHayes

This is perfectly fine by me.

MissC... MissCatalina

I don't think YOU are inclined to say anything. It's her child. You don't get to dictate another mother's choices. I highly doubt this model is concerned about your opinion. It's about her relationship with her child, which we are no part of. The picture is beautiful by the way.

nonmember avatar MrsClark

I wouldn't let my daughter do that, but to each their own. I find it funny tho that a celebrity can do this, but if some regular jane took a photo of her daughter like this and put it out for the world to see, she would probably get arrested for kiddie porn. Just sayin.

Karis... Karissa_ruiz

I see nothing wrong w/ the picture. I think it's a beautiful photo.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

The general rule for my community is when a little girl starts going to school she starts wearing her tops all the time. Of course I see nothing wrong with my daughter running around our in-the-middle-of-nowhere property in her undies on the hottest of days along as we are the only ones there.

Jespren Jespren

For me the 'cut off' would be when you can tell the difference between a male and female chest. Which is certainly before puberty since even before the breasts start budding there are clues in the shape of the ribcage and torso, but certainly above 4 too! Probably between 6-8 for most kids. And it's something of a 'where' too. Shirtless around family/other kids at 6, no big deal, shirtless in a school shirts/skins game at 6? Probably inappropriate. I'm as modest as can be now, but we've pics of me shirtless at 8 and 9 and since I had short hair you'd mistake me for a boy unless you took a close look at my face, but by 9 or 10 you can tell in pictures of me in a bathing suit the shape of my torso started saying 'female' and it was good that I was covered in public (even if I was still being mistaken for a boy until I started growing my hair out at 12).

the4m... the4mutts

First: what a BEAUTIFUL photo! Absolutely stunning photography.

Now: for my house, the cut off is the summer before Kinder starts. That way my kids are already out of the habit, and don't take off their clothes in school.

As for when I stop being undressed in front of them? Age 3. No real reason why. Just my personal preference.

But she is free to do what she wants with her kid. This is just for my house.

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