little girl stared down by lion at the zooTaking kids to the zoo has to be one of the best, easiest ways to spend a lazy day. Most of us have great memories of when going as children or have taken our children to check out the penguins, gorillas, llamas, even lions. (As my 4-year-old niece would say, "Lion! Rawwwr!!") Well, one family recently made quite the memory during their visit to the lion's den at a local zoo.

Their little girl was posing with her back to the glass baring her from the lions roaming around in their habitat and all of a sudden, a female lion snuck up behind her ... Whoa! Check it out:

AHH! Thankfully, there was glass, huh?! And thankfully, the lion seemed more curious than anything else (like angry, ack!), and best of all: The little girl seemed startled, but more amused in the moment following than totally frightened and freaked out. Whew!

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But also, did you notice in the moment right after the freak-out, the other little girl to the left starts to tease the lion? Good thing the mom quickly rebuked her. All too often at the zoo, you'll see people -- adults and kids, who are of course following by example -- teasing, taunting, goading the animals. It's just plain cruel! What the second little girl did here was no real biggie, but the point is, as a parent, you can never be too sure. What you think of as a benign gesture or noise could potentially set a lion off. Better to err on the side of caution -- especially where there are children and wild animals involved!

What would you have done if you were the parent in this clip?


Image via nuevosoldier/YouTube